Planet: Hoth
Affiliation: Rebel Alliance
Climate: Extreme cold
Terrain: Ice, rock, glaciers, plains
Known Planetside Species: Wampa, Tauntaun
Safe Ports: N/A Remains of Echo Base
Hazardous aspects: Extreme cold, high winds, dangerous creatures
Recommended Gear: Specialized gear for extreme cold environments, heat packs, portable shelter kits, light sticks, first sticks, extra rations, snow shoes, tracking beacon, portable radar equipment, insulated weapon modifications.
Recommended Vehicle: Snow speeders, enclosed transport, Tauntaun (short distances only)
Contracts/work: N/A but wanted individuals have been known to use Hoth as a hideout due to its remote location and inhospitable climate.

Reconnaissance Team Analysis:

“What did we ever do to be sent on a recon mission to Hoth? It’s a cold, remote world in a rarely visited part of the Outer Rim. The sixth planet of the system is a perfect hideout for wanted individuals thanks to its location, extremely cold, and dangerous wildlife. This world was home to the Rebel Alliance’s Echo Base, until it fell to the Empire during the aptly-named Battle of Hoth. This barren place is a planet none of us really want to spend much time on, between keeping an eye out for wampas and having cold beskar pressed up against us… but you never know where a job is going to take you so Command wants you all prepared for anything.

There’s not much here besides ice, snow, rocks… and oh look! More ice and snow! The only “habitable” spot on this frozen ball is what remains of Echo Base. There’s a flat area just south of the main base big enough to land ships, and the remains of the Rebel hideout is carved into the ice to form a series of halls and chambers. Scavengers seem to have picked over most of what is left here. There are also the remains of AT-AT’s out on the plains not too far from the base, but they appear to have been picked clean as well. We’ve seen evidence that scavengers or junkers have been here recently, but we haven’t been able to detect any other humanoid life signs apart from our own.

We’ve completed a few recon outings to scout the immediate area. While there are lots of places a bounty could hide, it seems pretty dangerous to all but the most desperate or resourceful. The temperatures haven’t been above -30° during the day, the terrain alternates between knee-deep snow, sheer ice, or jagged rock. My partner swears we’re being stalked by a giant creature covered in white fur…. I can only assume it’s a wampa. I’ve seen their hides on display and I’d rather not have us get surprised by one while we’re out here.

We’ve been able to get around in modified snow-speeders, but anything enclosed and rated for sub-zero temperatures would work as transport. You do not want to go out on foot. The temperature drops too fast at night. If any of your friends are trapped out there, their odds of survival are something like 775 to 1. Tauntauns (a large lizard native to the planet) make excellent short range transportation, but you’ll still need to be careful with them. Although they are adapted to the cold, they have been known to collapse if exposed to the frigid temperatures for too long… and the last thing you want is to be stuck out on the plains with no ride and no shelter.

We’ve scouted enough of this place, so I think it’s time for us to load up our gear and get back to warmer climates. We’ve heard some low pitched growling coming from one of the darker passageways and none of us have any desire to investigate any further. It’s cold, we’re cold, our gear is cold, everything is cold. This planet poses too many dangers and obstacles for permanent settlement, but as a temporary shelter or hideout it seems ideal.

This detailed report will help our teams to secure work and materials. It may also provide a place for a temporary base to help with operations in this sector. Our search has expanded for a more suitable establishment, we will advise command when we have something else worth reporting. Reconnaissance Team Jakar — Out.”

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