Planet: Kashyyyk
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Forest, Ocean, Swamp
Known Planetside Species: Wookiee, Tach, Katarn, Terentatek, various others
Safe Ports: There are numerous ports and unofficial landing zones located all over the planet
Hazardous aspects: Terrain, flora, fauna
Recommended Gear: Climbing gear, specialized forest gear, axes/blades for clearing paths, light sources for forest floor area
Recommended Vehicle: Speeders for travel in open areas and above the tree-line, manoeuvrable ground transport that can get through roots/branches/obstacles
Contracts/work: Security/Protection/Escort/Bounties

Reconnaissance Team Analysis:

“I guess this must be Kashyyyk. Giant trees, forest everywhere, swamps and oceans and rivers…. Oh well, we could be back on Hoth so I guess we won’t complain. There’s one other thing here apart from trees, and that’s Wookiees. Wookiees are big. Really big. I told Ghez not to land the ship on that platform but he didn’t listen, so he had an angry Wookiee in his face pretty quickly. I sorted it out though, so it’s back to work. Good thing too. Wookiees are known to pull arms out of sockets when they get mad.

Or so I’ve heard

Kashyyyk is strategically located in the Mid Rim. It has three moons, and no axial tilt, which means it does not have seasons. It is home to the Wookiees, although various factions have tried to claim it for themselves over the course of its history. The Wookiees always seem to rise up and regain control, though. Major cities include the coastal town of Kachirho, Grunnrurr, Maarwraawroo, and the Capital Rwookrrorro. Corporate entities used to have a firm grip here too, so the native population is not exactly the warmest or most welcoming…. but they aren’t hostile, so that’s a plus. The Wookiees are technologically advanced, so pretty much any technology you need can be found here for the right price. This system is also home to the planet Trandosha, and Trandoshans have been recorded coming to hunt Wookiees as part of some sort of initiation ritual, so anyone working here needs to be aware that you might cross paths with one.

The dominant native flora is the wroshyr tree, which grow together to form massive forests that cover large portions of the planet. There are many, many natural hazards that need to be kept in mind while working on Kashyyyk. Not only are the tree cities built at extreme heights, but the forest floor (or Shadowlands to the locals) get almost no natural light and are full of dangerous creatures and plants. When working here without Wookiee guides, you must pay constant attention to your surroundings. Spiders the size of speeders, flying creatures as big as gundarks, snakes, lizards, biting insects, flame beetles, you name it. Then there’s the flora. Jaw plants that will snap shut and digest you, indestructible kshyyy-vines, the balloon-like lung plants that sent Ghez flying when he wasn’t looking where he was walking (the rest of us thought it was funny), toxic mushblooms, etc… I swear everything here is trying to kill us. I’m glad the seals on our beskar’gam are holding.

Travel here can be difficult. In the air speeders are fine, and on the water any manner of boat or water speeder works perfectly. The main issue is travelling in the forests. Small walkers or small wheeled transport are the best solutions. Anything too big gets caught up in branches or stuck on roots. Walking is always an option, but it’s slow going on foot and you feel very exposed to any potential dangers. Not much specialized gear is required here. The climate is temperate, the atmosphere is breathable and there is always water around. Rugged camping gear to avoid unpleasant animal encounters is a must if you expect to be sleeping outside of the Wookiee villages. A good supply of rope or grappling line is also highly recommended. Make sure you bring some kind of axe or large blade to hack through the forest. I guarantee that you’ll run into some blocked areas so it’s important to be prepared.

Seems to us like Kashyyyk is a decent place to look for work. Whether it’s security/protection contracts from non-Wookiees, protecting Wookiee cargo in transit, or searching for that elusive bounty, there are many opportunities here for us to make money. Although it’s very important to be respectful and polite when dealing with the Wookiees, they tend to leave us alone once they’ve made sure we’re not here to cause them problems. This planet provides ample opportunities to set up small bases of operations.

This detailed report will help our teams to secure work and materials. It may also provide a place for a temporary base to help with operations in this sector. Our search has expanded for a suitable establishment, we will advise command when we have something else worth reporting. Reconnaissance Team Ciry’Kurs — Out.”

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