It is time for another Planet Analysis!
Planet: Mimban
Affiliation: Unaffiliated.
Climate: Dark/Cloudy/Rainy
Terrain: Marshlands/Mudpits/Solid ground
Known Planet-side Species: Mimbanese
Safe Ports: No known ports
Hazardous aspects: Mud pits/Mimbanese Insurgents
Recommended Gear: Weapon/Armor cleaning kits, water storage devices, fire sticks, flares, flare gun, light sticks, non-slip boots/gloves, high tension wire, MacroBinoculars, ration packs, extra storage pouches, hazard ops kit, extra filters, and walking stick.
Recommended Vehicle: Scout Walkers/Land Speeders/Treaded Vehicles
Contracts/work: N/A

Reconnaissance Team Analysis:

“Ah Mimban! It isn’t the greatest place for a vacation, and isn’t the greatest place to settle an outpost. It is one of the most dirtiest places we have been too! Luckily there is an abundance of resources here, it seems like enough for the Empire to take notice. The Empire is off in the distance fighting against the Mimbanese. Luckily we chose our landing site far away from the battlefield.

The Climate is interesting. A lot of clouds, rain, mud, more rain, and sometimes even more clouds! Don’t get us started on the smell. However the climate may be, the Mimbanese make it their home. The Empire are the invaders of their world. Luckily we traded some spare weapons, ammunition, and supplies for safe passage. They offered us something called “Mimbanese Mud Pies” but we respectfully refused..we weren’t going to try and find out what they are made up of. The environment can be treacherous as well, the mud really inhibits a lot of movement and gunks up our equipment no matter how much we clean it.

Landing here is a nightmare. Luckily the Mimbanese worked alongside the republic troopers during the Clone Wars. They know a few tricks so they improvised a landing site for us once we radioed ahead. Traveling is easy enough with speeders or treaded vehicles but on foot it is slightly more difficult. Keeping the mud off equipment and navigating this mud ball? Even more difficult.

You’ll need a lot of navigation tools and good shelter. We have an eye in the Imperial camp to the west of us. They are sharing any intelligence they have on their fortifications or resources. The Empire seem to be doing well…with their resources we mean. They are completely trenched in and do not seem to be making any progress. What can you expect from the Empire? They send the canon fodder to Mimban or if you screw up bad. We had confirmation that one of the trouble makers got accused of treason or dissent by a high ranking officer. They sent that guy to this so called “beast?” We probably won’t see him again. Anyways we have been liberating their technology and resources every now and then. Luckily the Empire doesn’t care much and aren’t the wiser.

We have been on this mud ball planet for a few cycles and we cant wait to get out. So we hope this report will help you, help us leave soon! We hope the report helps and can’t wait to get away from the Mud Pies the Mimbanese keep wanting us to try. – Reconaissance Team Merr’sonn. Out.”