It’s Planet Analysis Friday!

Planet: Mustafar
Affiliation: Black Sun/Empire/Confederacy of Independent Systems.
Climate: Very Hot/Volcanic
Terrain: Lava Rivers/Volcanoes
Known Planetside Species: Alazmec
Safe Ports: N/A
Hazardous aspects: Lava/Fire/Ash
Recommended Gear: Water storage device, Weapon/armor cleaning kit, personal shield generator, cryo grenades, burn kit, extra stim pills, flares, flare gun, heat resistant armor/soft gear.
Recommended Vehicle: Speeder w/ heat resistant modifications, any ship with good shields.
Contracts/work: Black Sun contracts, Imperial contracts

Reconnaissance Team Analysis:

“Well here we are! We have landed on Mustafar and we all immediately felt extra crispy. We found an old Black Sun supply depot that we are based up in. The planet is completely covered in lava, fire, and ash. This planet has seen a lot of changed hands for control. At the moment it is under the control of the Empire. I mean we passed a lovely castle on the top of a lava-fall on our decent; whoever built it has to be from the Empire, it seems very broody.

There are some locals that have been watching us. They can really navigate these lava fields very well. Their culinary arts and humor are fairly decent. The tell tale of their favorite dish, The Crispy Apprentice, is told to us almost every cycle. The story has something to do with the high ground and getting burned? It is a weird take but I digress.

This planet is hazardous and isn’t that suitable for a permanent base. However it can be used as a refueling station. The materials here are sought out by many organizations so it’s a good idea to establish an outpost to make some money for the clans. The ash really creates a lot of issue but it does a great job of repainting our armor. Our gear hits the same issue.

We really recommend using cleaning kits and personal shield generators. This planet can be a death trap. Maintaining clean equipment is difficult but those shields really keep away that pesky lava. Always keeping burn kits and extra stim pills is a good idea; we had a few injuries due to being low on the banks near the lava. Seems like a great place to catch fire if you are just laying there and not paying attention.

Note to Command: Please ensure all ships and speeders are outfitted with heat resistant and cooling technology. Not to mention modified shield technology. There is potentially good work to find here other than materials. There are some Black Sun bases filled with the gang around. However, if you don’t want to work with them, our last choice is to work for the Empire. They pay a lot of credits for any job. There is much to find here though.

This detailed report will help teams to secure work and materials. It can also provide a place for an outpost to gather materials and supplies. Our search has expanded for a suitable establishment. We will advise when we have something else worth reporting. Reconnaissance Team Blastech — Out.”