Planet Analysis: Scarif

Planet: Scarif
Affiliation: Empire
Climate: Warm/Tropical
Terrain: Beaches/Sandbanks/thick vegetation
Known Planet-side Species: N/A
Safe Ports: N/A; Beware secret Imperial Bases
Hazardous aspects: Heavy Empire Presence/Hurricanes/Whirlpools
Recommended Gear: Light gear/armor, Water storage device, fire sticks, hunting gear, air tanks/rebreather, light sticks, shelter, beskads, vibroknives, extra rations, gear/blaster cleaning kits.
Recommended Vehicle: Speeders, speeder bikes, ships
Contracts/work: Imperial contracts

Reconnaissance Team Analysis:

“Well we were able to break through the shield gate via a small stolen Imperial freighter. This is a pretty reckless move but Fenn Rau explained that it works for the Rebellion almost every time. We landed on an island a little ways away from the main imperial base. We have a clear view and we are far enough to avoid detection.

This is our best assignment yet! Leave it to command to send us on our vacation to a beach! We have come to the consensus that we are doing something right. But alas, our vacation involves a lot of Imperial supply liberation and reconnaissance. It’s very warm here and since it is a tropical environment we really have to watch our water consumption. There are tons of islands and just an endless ocean or sandy beaches. The vegetation is thick and obscures the view of the ground from the sky. If we establish a base here we recommend hiding out in the brush.

If the hurricanes or whirlpools don’t get you, the Empire is sure to. It is a very dangerous planet but if you know how to hide, it is very easy to liberate supplies and get around Imperial patrols. We make good use of our land speeder to get across the water. It makes our stealth missions much easier, even so after we installed the stealth tech we took from the Republic before the great Jedi purge.

The sand is difficult to get out of our equipment. But extra cleaning kits do come in handy! We have been mapping out the islands; the environment is tricky to traverse, no matter how relaxing it is. We recommend using light gear; extra rations, water storage, diving equipment, and a beskad are much needed. You know what else is needed though? A nice vacation to this planet, without the reconnaissance and theft.

Anyways, we have loaded our supplies and equipment onto the ship. I am finishing this report up as we have heard blaster fire and explosions in the distance. There seems to be a battle between the Rebellion and Empire. The shield gate is destroyed and we are leaving; might as well leave now before someone gets a little trigger happy.

This detailed report will help our teams to secure work and materials. It can also provide a place for a base to help with our operations in this sector. Our search has expanded for a suitable establishment, we will advise command when we have something else worth reporting. Reconnaissance Team Mabari — Out.”