Planet: Tatooine
Affiliation: Hutt Space
Climate: High Tempatures during the day/Lower Tempatures during the night.
Terrain: Desert/Canyon/Mesas.
Known Planetside Species: Tusken, Jawa, Hutt, Bith, Devaronian, Klatooinian, Gran, Kubaz, Human.
Safe Ports: Mos Eisley, Mos Espa.
Hazardous aspects: Sarlacc pits, Tusken Raiders, Hutt gangsters.
Recommended Gear: Dusters, Water storage, armor and blaster cleaning supplies, extra pouches and rations, survival packs, extra coverings, fire sticks, portable shelter, and power cells all highly recommended.
Recommended Vehicle: Land speeders, Speeder bikes, Desert skiff’s, T-16 Skyhopper.
Contracts/work: Local Contracts, Hutt Contracts, and Bounty Hunter Guild Contracts available. Moisture Farming and resource acquisition available.

Reconnaissance Team Analysis:

“Tatooine is a very popular vacation spot for bounty hunters and other vagrants of the Galaxy. It is a good place for many to hide. Our recon specialists have concluded this is not the greatest place to build a clan here. It is controlled by the Hutt clans and their rule is absolute. The Hutts find out everything eventually so any secrets here don’t stay buried too long under the sand. Local wildlife isn’t scarce and these animals seems to thrive on the planet. That means resources can be found here. The population is low enough for there to be enough resources for everyone.

The population seems to gather around a few spaceports or villages throughout the planet. After a few planetary scans and close reconnaissance the two best spaceports are Mos Espa and Mos Eisley. Once ruled by the Empire now back into local control. However nothing has come up suggesting that the planet is under gangster control. Mos Eisley Cantina has a great band and bar with amazing food and drinks. We had a decent time there –sorry I digress, anyways the location is good to find supplies. Mostly black market dealings or local stands. Water is scarce here but the Moister Vaparators work around the clock. Which also means droids should be used. Those Jawas have nice moving fortresses. They seem to deal in parts, salvage, and even full droids if they have them.

Our specialists also uncovered a lot of hostile aspects of this planet. Tusken raiders attack unsuspecting invaders on their lands. Or if you don’t show hostilities or have something to trade for passage they will allow it. They are always watching so stay weary. They ride around om Bantha’s quite often, which makes us wonder how they even get around fast at all. Its illogical but it gets the job done for them; Also provides great milk. If they don’t get rid of you then the desert will swallow you up if you aren’t careful. Sarlacc beasts love to set up in this desert. One of our own almost got stuck in one of them a few rotations ago. Good thing he had a jet pack; those things can be a life saver. I got to get me one of those next time we are home. The gangsters will find a way to cause issues as well but its nothing we Mandalorians can’t handle.

This planet isn’t a vacation spot like on Scarif’s beaches. Our analysis suggests bringing only gear suitable for long periods of time. Extra pouches and supplies are needed. Plenty of materials to find we can use. Having extra storage will help. Extra water storage devices are needed; there is always a high chance of getting stranded for days in this desolate place. The use of speeders is highly recommended to get anywhere quick. We also recommend bringing extra power cells. The use of better coverings is recommended; we suggest the use of wrappings, ponchos/dusters, and extra seals to keep personnel in good shape. Also its gets a little sandy in places that cause issues. Its all course and rough, we hate it here. Temperatures rise with the sun and lower with the night. We recommend the use of fire sticks and shelter. Its a delicate balance the locals seem to have set in their ways.

There are plenty of contracts here on this dust-ball. There is work here. The planet itself is interesting and there are many resources here to start gathering. Conditions aren’t to harsh but it can sneak up on you so be prepared. This detailed report will help to secure work and materials. It can also provide a place for base. Our search has expanded for a suitable establishment. We will advise when we have something worth reporting. Reconnaissance Team Westar — Out.”

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