What is the best way to get a Mandalorian to sit down? A belly-filling meal, that’s what! The Mandalorian Chef Society loves to cook and bake any and all Star Wars style dishes. It’s one of the tastiest Social Societies out there! But we were interested to see what goodies were inside so we sat down with Kara Kelborn, the Head Chef, to see what the group is all about. Let’s see what Kara had to say:

-Tell us about yourself.

I’ve been a Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club member since 2015 in the Vok’chi Clan. In the house I grew up in, all food was made by a chef – my father. I guess that influenced my fondness for experimentation and to be creative with food or drinks, especially trying to create Star War-sy recipes. I like desserts and spicy food . Inside my Mando jet pack, I have storage for snacks.

-Why did you create this Social Society?

I created this Social Society for fun, sharing, and creating new recipes. Four years ago, I was inspired by Mandalore the Uniter and his cookbook project. I met Tom in London at Star Wars Celebration and after a chat, I created this Society.

– What do you love about the Social Society you created?

When you say “I’m a Mando chef!” That just sounds cool.

-What is special to you about Social Societies in general? What do you think they do for the members within the Mercs?

I think it’s like being members of another clan, but more worldwide ones and based on your interests, not the place you live, so members have more in common.

-Do you have any advice for anyone looking to join your Social Society?

The kitchen is a dangerous place, so keep your helmet on! We’d love it if you sent us recipes or photos and don’t be afraid to experiment.

This group is open to all who like to cook, bake, grill, and experiment creating tasty food. Post a picture in kit making food or write a recipe that could suit a Mandalorian. The Mandalorian Chef Society also houses different recipes from the Star Wars universe. If this sounds like it is the group for you, get out into the battlefield and start baking!