There are plenty of heroes in the communities we live in. Many, past and present, have risked their lives to serve the communities they are a part of so others can feel safe. It’s tough for many of these members, but Oribru Akaata creates a supportive atmosphere for any who serve their communities to the highest degree. Kad Solus tells us all about this group for members that have served their communities and need a place to go. Here is what he had to say:

-Tell us about yourself.

“My name is Kad Solus. I’ve been around the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club since 2012, and became an Official Member in 2015. I created the Oribru Akaata in 2016 as a group for Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMTs/Medics.”

-Why did you create this Social Society?

“I created the social society as a support group for our profession to show we aren’t alone in the club and to offer advice, experience, and support to our members. Our members range widely in years of service and types of service. We haven’t been able to meet in person yet, but I look forward to Celebration Anaheim in 2020.”

-What do you love about the Social Society you created?

“I love how it’s connected a lot of members who might not have ever known each other from around the world.”

-What is special to you about Social Societies in general? What do you think they do for the members within the Mercs?

“I think social societies are very special. Some can be goofy and funny, but others like VABS and Cabur Akaata can act as support groups for members and bring us closer together.”

-Do you have any advice for anyone looking to join your Social Society?

“My advice to those looking to join our social society and public service is to stick to it! Training can be and is very intensive and difficult for all of these professions, but leads to a very rewarding career. We also accept supporters to our society as well.”

If you are looking for a place to feel part of a supportive group who has served their communities in different ways, then this is the group for you! Having a place to talk about experiences or just get genuine support from those in similar circumstances is great; you wont find a better place than Oribru Akaata.