When you want a bounty done right with the highest quality and can pay the fee, you hire a Mandalorian. To many, the Mandalorians are the rock star warriors of the Star Wars Universe. Little do you know many of those warriors love to rock out themselves! The Mandalorian Metalhead and Rocker Society houses all these rock stars in one place. We sat down with Torolf Goran to learn more about the group. Here is what he had to say:

-Tell us about yourself.

“I’ve been an official member since August 2016. I’m a dual brigade member (privateer and heavy melee) and served Bes’uliik Clan as Ruus’alor for a year. I decided to get involved with the Star Wars clubs for the charity aspect but chose the MMCC because of the creative freedom. Outside the club I’m an artist and volunteer in my community.”

-Why did you create this Social Society?

“I created the MMRS from a love of music. The heavier genres; rock, metal and punk were always my favorite. I wanted to give other members of the club a place to share their mutual love of heavy music.”

-What do you love about the Social Society you created?

“I love being introduced to new bands by the other members. Most of all I love hearing how different songs or artists have impacted peoples lives.”

-What is special to you about Social Societies in general? What do you think they do for the members within the Mercs?

“So often in this world we’re driven to focus on the things that separate us. I think it’s so important to find ways to come together and that’s one of the greatest things about the club as a whole. The social societies are yet another small way we can find common ground.”

-Do you have any advice for anyone looking to join your Social Society?

“I’d say an open mind will help you get the most out of the MMRS. Other than that a willingness to share your interests with others.”

The Mandalorian Metalhead and Rocker Society or M.M.R.S. for short is for anyone that’s a fan of rock, metal or any of their sub-genres. Do you love to rock out in kit, throw the horns more often than thermal detonators or have to register your music as a deadly weapon in 12 systems? Well this is the place for you! You can find them here: