It’s Social Society Sunday! This week’s spotlight is on Mandalore’s best and brightest road safety team, the Traffic Cone Brigade. We interviewed Keely to find out more about her group. Social Societes are a great way to get to know many of your fellow Mercs through shared interests. Let’s see what Keely has to say.

-Tell us about yourself.

My name is Keely and I have been a part of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club and Clan Murraan in North Texas since 2017 and have been cosplaying since 2003. I have two Official Member kits, my modern “Mustafar-inspired” Cora Bla’or, and my Twi’lek Late Crusader Keely Si’ri. Both of these have orange as a major costume element. 

-Why did you create this Social Society?

I love the color orange! In addition to my two “Mango”lorians, I also have an orange Twi’lek Jedi with Rebel Legion. My kitchen is painted orange, a large portion of my wardrobe is orange hues and my van that I drive my 3 verd’ika around in is orange!

So when Nico Fett, a fellow orange Mando and “second in command”, started joking that we should make the Traffic Cone Brigade, it just made sense! We currently have 30 members and I’m always stalking the forums and Facebook groups for more tangerine Mandos!

-What do you love about the Social Society you created?

I love how varied the kits are, and how much everyone seems to have the same passion for their color scheme. Orange isn’t a common “favorite color” and tends to stand out, so those of us that choose to use it on our kits are a special breed for sure! We truly do embody the shereshoy, or “lust for life” that orange traditionally stands for in Mandalorian culture!

-What is special to you about Social Societies in general? What do you think they do for the members within the Mercs?

I love how it helps to make a large club “small” in a different way than clans do.  You’re connecting via a shared love for something (in this case, a color!) instead of just by geographical location. Clan Murraan is my family, but the Traffic Cones are my tribe and I’ve made lifelong friends in both!

-Do you have any advice for anyone looking to join your Social Society?

Just post a photo of your official kit in our thread and I’ll get you added! As long as orange is a major part of your kit, you’re in! Some members have orange jumpsuits, black kits with orange pops of color, or orange overall – we’re open to any that love orange! We even have an “Honorary” list for those with small sections of orange.

If you need any help trying to figure out a paint scheme that would go well with orange, you can follow the tutorial here. Once you’re added to the list, feel free to put your membership in your forum signature, and post any fun orange additions to your kit, or even random orange purchases, to the thread!

Anyone and everyone can join any of the Social Societies on the forums.

Pictured: Keely on the left, Nico Fett on the top right, and the Traffic Cone Brigade Sigil on the bottom right.