The Star Wars universe is filled with diversity from all the corners of the Galaxy. From Twi’leks to Torgrutas to Wookies, many of these alien races can adopt the ways of the Mandalorian and wear the armor. For the MMCC, the Xeno Mando Guild is the best place to find others who share the same interest in alien races. We sat down with CindailleJedi to find out what this Xeno Mandalorian refuge is all about! Here is what CindailleJedi had to say:

Tell us about yourself.

“I’m Syn, I’m really the one French mando twi’lek. I also have different costumes (jedi, Padme Amidala…) I found it really difficult to make my armor and my helmet and I put myself an additional difficulty by making an alien. Hardly official, I improved it to integrate a brigade. And once integrated, I started on a brand new kit. Alien also. Always moving. This is my way.”

-Why did you create this Social Society?

“When I wanted to create a twi’lek mandalorian, I encountered a lot of new things and difficulties such as the helmet or bodypainting tips. I had to find and contact other twi’lek, such as a treasure hunt. Then, I think to myself that it would be great if there were a group bringing together all the aliens to be able to list the races and the different tips of each one adapted to its morphology. For me the mando aliens have a little something more, something that makes each one unique (latex mask,
prostheses, makeup, special helmets…) subjects way lesser discussed in the other topics, and I love being able to show that.”

-What do you love about the Social Society you created?

“The members. They are all people I admire who have done wonderful things. Now something brings us together to exchange. They are the beautiful colors of the galaxy. In the future, I would love all the aliens of MMCC be part of XMG (Xeno Mando Guild) and thus reflect the diversity of the species of Star Wars, as well as to see the species created or not for the next members.”

-What is special to you about Social Societies in general?

“Social Societies allow you to gather around a common passion (in addition to the Mandalorian) and to get to know other Mandos like us across the Galaxy (the globe).”

-Do you have any advice for anyone looking to join your Social Society?

“Make an alien mando! This is the way. What is more ‘Star Wars’ than aliens? Wouldn’t it be great to get all the aliens together? Talk to your xenos buddies!”

The XMG, Xeno Mando Guild, offers a great place to show off the amazing work members have done with their Xeno Mandalorians. Anyone who has a Xeno Mandalorian can join. Just post a picture of your kit, what species your character is, and a small biography of your character. They are always looking for more alien species! You can find them here: