Wherever I go, he goes…

There is so much to take in from this short trailer and as such, we could probably write pages and pages going through all the finer points. However, we’ll attempt to keep it short, although we can’t promise anything! 

So without further ado, let’s go take a look shall we! 


We open with a shot of a poorly looking Razor Crest limping along in space. To accompany this, the armorer’s dulcet tones remind us of what we should likely expect and what we should likely expect, is space magicians! 


The hunt for Jedi is most definitely on and with it being possible we will get to see Ahsoka in live action, this does seem to add some foreshadowing to that theory. We thought this could be confirmed with a glimpse of a hooded female figure, loitering with intent. However, on further inspection, it is actually none other than WWE star Sasha Banks! Speculation is still out on who she is portraying; an unknown Jedi, Sith, Nightsister, even Sabine! Whoever she is playing, let’s hope Sasha and Gina have an epic brawl, hopefully with tables, ladders and chairs!

We also get to see the Crest flying side by side with 2 X-Wings. This shot sent a little shiver down my spine, as I really like X-Wings! From the shot they are either partnering up, or our Din is being escorted somewhere. Whatever the reason, it’s awesome to see the classic rebel ships back in the mix. 


There is some serious speeder bike action, which again looks epic! This coupled with the shot of charging storm troopers, further reinforces that the Empire is down but not out and part of the premise of the show has been to get a glimpse at the building of the first order.


Crashing ships! Gamorrean wrestling! Mystery woman in cloak? How does one trailer pack in sooooo much and yet reveal so little?