The Rumor Mill
Who else is hyped up for The Mandalorian Season 2? The four month countdown until the new action packed episodes surrounding the Clan of Two is causing many of us to be on the edge of our pilot’s seat anticipating the jump to hyperspace.

BattleCry Magazine talks about a few characters who could have a very important role in growing the characters in the upcoming season! Strap into your safety webbing and let’s start this journey!

Jaryn Solus
I’m going to preface this with a small disclaimer. There are a lot of rumors circling about who may or may not be cast in season two, and very few hard facts… but we thought it would be fun to put a few more ideas together of who we
could possibly see joining the already
outstanding cast.

Unless you see an update from an official source, treat everything as click bait… but for now, let’s jump in with some crazy theories of our own!

The most obvious appearance from the end of season two for me, would have to be
Sebastian Stan as none other than Luke Skywalker. There are a few images floating around comparing Sebastian to a young Mark Hamill, and given the ‘clan’ quest to go find the
ancient enemies of the Mandalorian’s, and the time the story is set, our
lonely Jedi Knight should be just about looking to set up his new academy.
What could possibly go wrong there?

Parjii Saviin
With many rumors of Temuera Morrison possibly appearing in the Mandalorian, it made me question who they are going to have as his character?

The idea of Boba Fett, the iconic Mandalorian bounty hunter seemed to make sense. The Mandalorian takes place 32 years after the Clone Wars, it makes sense to have Morrison play as a Jango Clone, so why not Boba Fett. Morrison would be the perfect age to play older Boba Fett. However, having Boba Fett show up in this iconic film will draw attention away from Din Djarin’s journey and instead of the Mandalorian TV show, it would turn into a “Boba Fett TV show.” Upon more research and activating the archives, it would make more sense for someone who is closer to the Mandalorian heritage, someone who has grown up their entire life as a Mandalorian.

While Boba Fett will always be a Mandalorian close to my heart, there has been much debate on his identity. Din Djarin would need a mentor who lives, breathes, and sleeps Mandalorian. Who else better to step into that role than the one of the Null ARCs, who are currently residing on Mandalore.

Tarron Lok
One reveal we are all fairly certain of is the live action debut of Ahsoka Tano. Anakin’s former apprentice had a rocky start in the fandom, however, quickly gained our affection through some excellent character building in the Clone Wars (Those of you who have not yet seen the final season of Clone Wars need to stop doing whatever it is you are doing and go and watch that immediately). What her role will be is unclear, although it is possible she will support the child with learning the ways of the force.

Another Clone Wars appearance is also on the cards. Captain Rex of the 501st is heavily rumored to make his live action debut. Now, with the inclusion of Ahsoka, this could be the real deal and is likely to be a very well received inclusion of a fan favorite. Rex has appeared in various incarnations throughout the Star Wars time line; fighting in the Clone Wars, adventuring alongside the main characters from Rebels and even making an appearance at the Battle of Endor. It is very likely that Rex will be portrayed by Temuera Morrison if he does make an appearance, as all the troopers are clones of Fett senior. This does however give credence to another rumor that if true, will, in my humble opinion, be epic…. (opinions are divided however…)