•   Accurate Fett Style helmet without a dent
•   Gloss or Semi-gloss white
•   MQ1 board molded into or installed behind keyslots. 2 red #15 dental files or replicas are present in the lower 2 slots
•   Black rangefinder topper with 2 red LEDs (or appearance of) on top is required. Translucent clear or off white block with black rimmed viewfinder is required.
• Two “turn signals” are centered above the brow. A left pointing red and a blue pointing right are required.
• The bottom of the right side upper rangefinder earcap must be painted silver to match visual references. The upper section on the lower right side earcap must also be painted silver to atch visual references.
• Visor must be dark enough to obscure the wearer’s face

Flight Suit
• The flight suit is white and should be fitted to the wearer.
•  Double sleeve flightsuit is required.
•  Each leg has 2 tool pockets on each shin that are open on the top that hold the wearer’s shin tools.
• Flightsuit will have thigh pockets to match visual references.

Neck seal
•  Neck seal must be quilted and made from the same fabric as the vest.
• 5 Horizontal ribs run along the seal.

Flak Vest
•   Must be white and unweathered.
•  Must have short shoulder tabs to mount the shoulder armor. These
tabs must be quilted, running from the end of the tab up to the

•   White canvas / fabric boots with white piping running in 2 lines from toe to
•  Elastic, U-Shaped white cutouts on the sides
•  White, flat soles.
•  2 spikes attached at the toe via a toe plate. Spikes and plates are
metal, or should appear to be metal.

Chest Armor
• Consists of collar armor, left and right chest plates, diamond and ab plate.
• Must be gloss or semi-gloss white
• Left chest plate must have two cut out horizontal bars, the lower one
to be wider and positioned as shown in visual references.
• Left chest plate slots must be backed by a dark transparent screen or have the appearance of a dark screen.
• Ab plate must have 3 small holes or 3 small recessions to match visual references.
• Center diamond between the chest plates must have an indented silver vertical rectangle as shown in visual references.
• The collar armor must connect or have the appearance of connection to the back plate by means of  4 square silver or metallic armor studs.
• Armor will not feature any dents.

Back Armor
•   Must be white gloss or semi-gloss
• Must have two rectangular slots over the shoulder blades for the jetpack harness strapping to pass through.
• Connects or appears to connect to collar armor by means 4 square silver or metallic armor studs.

Shoulder Armor
•   Must be white gloss or semi-gloss.
• Must have six points to the armor and curve around the upper arm.
• Must attach securely to shoulders of the flak vest.
• The left shoulder must have “turn signals” painted or decals applied to match visual references.

Cod Armor
•   Must be white gloss or semi-gloss
•   The cod plate wraps around the front of the body, connecting or appearing to connect to the
kidney plate on the sides via 2 square silver or metallic armor studs
•   The cod plate attaches to the kidney plate over the kidney plate sides.
•   The cod plate must have 2 raised vertical rectangle sections to match visual references.
•  Must have 1” elastic white Boba thong connecting to the kidney plate

Kidney Armor
• The kidney plate wraps around the back of the body, connecting or appearing to connect to the
cod plate on the sides via 2 square silver metallic armor studs.
•  The kidney plate is white gloss or semi-gloss

Knee Armor
•   Must be white gloss or semi-gloss
• Must attach via a 1″ white elastic strap around the back of the
• The left knee has 2 cylindrical dart launchers on the outside. These
launchers must match visual references. Red and black details must be present and atch visual references.
•  The right knee has 1 cylindrical dart launcher on the outside and a tapered metal dart in the top position.  Black detail must be present and match visual references.
• Inner section must form an upside down “F” pattern as shown in
reference images.

Left Gauntlet
• Gauntlets must be white gloss or semi-gloss
• Casio MQ-1 Calculator keypad or cast replica appears on the wrist shelf.
• Glenross dental expander or replica is mounted in the area over top of the
keypad. This area must also have paint details to match visual references.
• A rocket is mounted to the top of the gauntlet in its cradle. The rocket must match
visual references in weathering and shape.
• 2 braided hose attaches to rear flamethrower housing and feed behind backplate via flightsuit sleeve.
• A flame thrower housing is mounted on the outside of the arm and must be shaped in accordance with visual references.
•The flamethrower has a black inner housing shaped similarly to the outer housing extending from the front end
• Flamethrower housing must have the paint details to match visual references
• A flat black raised rectangular section appears near the elbow side of the gauntlet.
• A small black momentary pushbutton sits directly in front of the raised black area
• The lower shell of the gauntlet is rounded, with rectangular indents
matching visual reference.

Right Gauntlet
• Gauntlets are white gloss or semi-gloss
• Four small silver darts are mounted at the top of the gauntlet shelf.
• White oval piece extends from the top shelf above the four darts
• Two silver plunger switches are mounted top outside edge.
• Whipcord housing is mounted to the outside of the arm as seen in visual
• Whipcord housing has a red #35 dental file and a silver #45 dental file at the elbow side of the housing
• Must be painted to match visual references
•Top shelf of gauntlet has a raised, rounded rectangular black section
• One hose comes out of the top triangular piece on the top of the gauntlet. It feeds around the arm and up into the flightsuit sleeve, ending behind the backplate.
• The lower shell of the gauntlet is rounded, with rectangular indents
matching visual reference.

•   White gloss or semi-gloss
•   Symbols must be decals or painted to match visual reference
•   Must have beacon, stabilizer, and dental file (or cast replicas) on correct sides.
•   Beacon must match paint details and visual references.
• Top missile (grappling hook) fins may either be down (standard) or engaged outward (super trooper specific)
•  Bottom greeblies must match visual references as closely as possible.
• 4 connections are made to the jetpack via the gauntlet hoses
•   Must securely attach against the backplate via two white/canvas or nylon shoulder straps
which exit the backplate armor through two slots located near the

Ammo Belt
• A leather or faux leather belt that secures with white velcro in
the front must be used.
•The belt has either 8 or 10 ammo pouches divided into 4 or 5 on the wearer’s right and left side.
• Correct grommet pattern is present on underside/ inside of the belt
• Wires “box” must be present

• White gloves with white quilted patches on the fingers and back of
hands to match visual reference. The left pad is to be shorter than the right, Four equal spaced quilts are stitched into each top pad.
• White Military Dress Gloves (with the button on the inner wrist) are used. Quilting on gloves is made from the shiny side of the tackle twill material, which is sewn onto the gloves.

Hip Pouches
• Pouches are white canvas or similar material to match visual references
• A left and a right opening set of 2 must be worn
• A pouch is present at each hip.
• Pouches have angled flaps at the top.
• Pouches are attached via fixed tabs to the back of the ammo belt. The tabs are the full width of the pouches.

Ankle Spats
• The top of the boot is covered by a white fabric spat of similar color to the flightsuit.
• Spats should be long enough to cover the top of the boots and secure in the back with Velcro.
• Front of the spat should have a curved shape.

•   Vintage Star Wars beach towel (or replica) or a white/ Light grey/ white (in ESB pattern) is acceptable
•   Beach towel will be approximately 56”x31”, white/ grey/ white cape should be 36”x30.
• Hangs from left shoulder on the outer shoulder stud

Shin Tool: Sonic Beam Weapon
•The Sonic Beam Weapon must be a Paterson Squeegee cut to length matching visual references.

Shin Tool: Anti-Security Blade
• The Anti-Security Blade is made from the cut off portion of the
Paterson squeegee combined with 2 stylus brush parts from a Michell
Engineering stylus brush or replica and attached to a black rectangular piece to match visual references.

Shin Tool: Survival Knife
•The survival knife is a Paterson chemical stirrer or cast replica.

Shin Tool: Jetpack Adjustment Tool
• The Jetpack Adjustment Tool is a silver colored cylinder fitted into the
tool pockets.
• It is 1 1/8” wide across the top, with a ¾” opening in the center. It is 4 ¾” long.

• Autoblaster is made from a modified replica UZI SMG or UZI carbine with a folding stock, and must be modified to match visual references
• Autoblaster is modified and tipped with an accurate graflex flash tube or replica
• Graflex flash tube has accurate michell arm base or replica fixed inside flash tube
• Uzi SMG must have accurate rear grip safety “button”
• Autoblaster must have accurate pieces (original or replicas) used on the side instrument panel and side.
• Instrument panel uses glenross screw (or replica), MQ1 plate (or replica), and other unidentified pieces and must be painted to match visual references.
•   Side detail uses sec-o-mat pieces, michell cone piece, and Paterson piece

Sling Blaster
• Made from Tasco 1Y hand telescope (or replica) and Kaiser camera shoulder stock (or replica)
• Leather strap removed from Kaiser piece
• Must feature a telescope housing to match visual references
• Must accurately use sec-o-mat “arrow” detail or replica
• All pieces must be modified to match visual references