Boba Fett (Weathered) – The Mandalorian S2

All armor must be made of a solid material such as fiberglass, styrene, sintra or Vac-formed ABS. Armor must have dimension and give the appearance of thickness and depth according to the visual references of this character.  All armor and soft parts must be weathered where indicated in visual references to give the illusion of battle wear and damage.


  • Dome and lower cheeks must be painted a matte olive green.
  • Upper cheeks are painted a matte dark blue green in color.
  • Mandibles, brow, and rear band are painted a matte dark red.
  • Helmet ears, key slots, and stalk are a weathered metal with the rangefinder stalk noticeably cleaner than the former two.
  • Rear panels are painted a matte medium green.
  • 18 Killstripes are present on the left side of the helmet dome.  They are painted red-orange in color and do not touch the brow of the helmet.
  • Helmet dome must feature two turn signal style triangles at the forehead of the helmet that are smaller and spaced further apart than previous Boba Fett helmets.
    The right turn signal is painted a medium red and the left is a navy blue.
  • The back of the helmet must feature 6 key slots in a rectangular recessed area.  The bottom two keyslots have a small cylinder like greeblie present in the middle of the keyslot.  The keyslots are painted medium gray with the cylinder like greeblies painted red.
  • A borden connector greeblie must appear on the lower portion of the right cheek.
  • The front left side of the helmet dome must prominently feature a smaller version of the famous dent.
  • The paint chipping and weathering on the helmet must be painted to match visual references of the post-sarlacc Boba Fett helmet as closely as possible in weathering, damage, and overall wear.
  • Rangefinder stalk is silver in color while the helmet rangefinder topper is painted black in color and features two small parallel holes on the right side for two red led lights.  The underside of the rangefinder must feature a clear perspex block, set deeper into the topper than the original helmets and a smaller viewfinder painted black attached to the underside of the block.

BRL Level Approval:

  • The borden connector greeblie is placed further away from the upper cheek than the live action death watch helmet.
  • Cylinder greeblies on the keyslots of the helmet are painted red.
  • Rangefinder stalk is made from metal and  has the ability to rotate forward 90 degrees, activating lights on the topper.
  • Paint texture will be closely scrutenized for texture and placement consistent with that seen in the show.


  • Undersuit is made of black and/or linen blend fabric.
  • Neck of the undersuit is a rolled cowl that wraps loosely around the wearer’s neck.
  • The undersuit is loosely fitted to the wearer.

Gloves & Handplates

  • Gloves are made of leather or leather like material and are two tone in appearance.  A black outer glove is worn with the fingers cut off just past the knuckle.  The fingers of the gloves themselves are dark brown in color.
  • Skin is not visible between the flightsuit and wrist.
  • A symmetrical armor plate, like the ones worn by both versions of season 1 Din Djarin are present on the back of the hands.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Gloves are made of leather.
  • Handplates are made of rubber.

Pants & Waist Sash

  • Loosely fit, Hakama style pants made with the appearance of black raw silk.
  • Closure is hidden by the waist sash.
  • Waist sash also must have the appearance of black raw silk.
  • Sash features two hanging pieces off the right hip.
  • The ends of the sash must be tattered in appearance.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Both pants and waist sash are made from raw silk.
  • Hanging pieces from the waist sash fall to the shin level of the wearer.


  • Black boots that are rubber at the sole and the base.
  • Black leather or leather like boot spat that is approximately knee height that covers the top of the foot around the sides to the back and straps underneath the center of the bottom of the boot.
  • Toes of boots have lined toe covers above the visible tread of the front of the boot.
  • Heel and toe of the boot also must feature raised lines consistent with reference images.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Boots are the Nortiv 8 boot or acceptable replica.
  • Boot spat is made of black leather.

Flak Vest

  • Vest is light gray in color.
  • Must have two short shoulder tabs to mount the shoulder armor. These must be quilted and feature vertical ribs running from the bottom to the shoulder seam.
  • The arm holes of the vest have a rolled hem.
  • The side of the vest have at least 5 vertical quilted sections.
  • May have slits cut in the back to feed the jetpack harness straps through.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Vest is made of backed light gray tackle twill with a slight sheen.
  • Must be short enough to stop before hitting the girth belt and must close in the back.

Girth Belt

  • Made of black, white and brown diagonal striped paracord approximately 4.5” wide.
  • Fits snugly around the wearers waist and closes at the back.

Ammo Belt

  • The ammo belt is dark brown in color and made of leather or leather-like material weathered consistent with the reference images.
  • 18 ammunition cartridges are present at approximately 1 inch intervals across the entire front of the belt.
  • The cartridges are held in place with loops made of the same material and color as the ammo belt.
  • The 18 ammunition cartridges themselves are brass in appearance with ¼ inch caps on the tops and a ½ inch rounded cylinder section at the bottom.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Belt and pouches are made of leather.
  • Belt buckle and ammunition cartridges are made of metal.

Thigh Holster

  • The holster is made of leather or leather like material and is dark brown in color.
  • The holster must hang from the right side of the ammunition belt via a strap, made of the same material as the holster.
  • Four weathered brass studs are present on the connecting strap from the belt to the holster in a four square pattern.
  • Stitching is present along the back edge of the holser.
  • There is a strap attached to the front and back of the holster to hold the sidearm in place with a matching brown circular end and next to that a silver metal stud to secure the strap.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Thigh holster and straps are made of leather.

Chest Armor

  • Consists of collar armor, right and left chest plates, ab plate, and center diamond.
  • Must appear to be 3mm thick with squared, hard edges.
  • Armor is painted a matte medium green with excessive amounts of weathered yellow and silver “metal” showing consistent with damage seen post-sarlacc.
  • Left chest plate must feature two, cut-out horizontal bars with the upper bar being narrower than the bottom bar.  They must be backed by an illuminated red, flashing display.  Dents are seen on this chest plate in the upper left corner, with two more present on the left side of the plate.
  • Right chest plate must feature a post-sarlacc weathered “Jaster’s Crest” sigil in the upper right corner.  The sigil can be painted to match references or be a pre-made decal.  There are no dents present on the right chest plate.
  • Collar armor abuts up to the backplate with a seam between the two plates featuring two silver studs at the top edge of the collar plate on either side of the wearer.
  • Ab plate is a standard 9 sided Modern ab plate featuring two dents on the top and bottom of the right side and 3 small closesly spaced holes on the left.
  • Ab plate detail holes must must be drilled out to expose the black flak vest beneath without exposing attachment methods.
  • Ab plate sits near the edge of the flak vest with no more than 10mm of gap to the end of the garmet.

BRL Level Approval:

  • “Jaster’s Crest” in the upper right hand corner of the right chest plate is painted and not a decal.
  • Paint texture will be closely scrutinized for texture and placement consistent with that seen in the show.

Back Armor

  • Must appear to be at least 3mm thick with squared, hard edges.
  • Back armor is painted a matte medium-dark green and features exposed silver damage consistent with Boba Fett post-sarlacc.
  • A rectangular hole is cut out of the back armor for the jetpack attachment.
  • Back armor must feature the extended upper “collar”.
  • Must feature a half circle cutout at the base of the back armor.

Shoulder Armor

  • Must appear to be at least 3mm thick with hard, sharp edges.  Armor has to feature six points and curve around the wearer’s deltoid muscle.
  • Shoulders are painted light/golden yellow, but are significantly weathered with exposed gray and silver underneath consistent with Sarlacc damage.
  • Left shoulder features the ROTJ variant of the mythosaur sigil, in a medium red backed by an off white background.  Decal or painted on is acceptable.
  • Dents are only featured on the right shoulder plate with a large crater on the upper right hand side, two small chips on the top and front facing edge of the shoulder, and a smaller crater on the lower right hand side of the plate.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Mythosaur sigil on the left shoulder is painted and not a decal.
  • Paint texture will be closely scrutinized for texture and placement consistent with that seen in the show.

Left Gauntlet

  • Gauntlet construction is clam shell style without any visible means of closure.
  • Gauntlet body is dark burgundy in color and must feature heavily weathered exposed silver damage.
  • A heavily weathered, silver colored, MQ-1 keypad is visible in the forward most section of the gauntlet.  Immediately above the keypad is a silver colored greeblie resembling the Glenross dental expander.
  • On top of the gauntlet is a heavily weathered rocket painted with the tip and tail painted silver, the body painted black, and the nose cone painted copper.
  • The outside of the gauntlet features a weapon housing, formerly the ROTJ style flamethrower.  The housing is rectangular in shape, stretching slightly longer than the length of the gauntlet, with an angled front down toward the user.  Two muzzles are seen protruding from the front of the housing with the top muzzle slightly more forward than the bottom.
  • Two push button style switches are present on the top of the weapon housing.
  • A small, round, red LED is present on the back inside corner of the gauntlet, next to the rocket.
  • On the inside upper shell of the gauntlet is the battery cover greeblie, under the rocket.
  • Lower shell of the gauntlet must feature 3 indented sections on the inner portion.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Push button style switches on the top of the weapon housing have black plastic circular tops.
  • Base of the red LED is metal.
  • Muzzles coming out of the front of the weapon housing are made of metal.

Right Gauntlet

  • Gauntlet construction is clam shell style without any visible means of closure.
  • Gauntlet body is dark burgundy in color and must feature heavily weathered exposed silver damage.
  • Front of the gauntlet features four metallic darts facing outwards with an oval like gray greeblie mounted above the darts.
  • Two small momentary push buttons are visible on the top outside edge of the gauntlet.  These buttons are smaller, and squatter than previous OT versions of this greeblie.
  • Gauntlet features three, heavily weathered vinyl braided hoses.  One is attached directly to the rear of the gauntlet via a tapered block with no apparent connection hardware.  The other two connect to the back of the flame thrower unit, which used to be the whipcord housing, with metallic colored hardware.  The hoses reach up and terminate under the rear of the shoulder armor, into the flak vest of the wearer.
  • Lower shell of the gauntlet has 3 rectangular indentations on the inside forearm of the gauntlet just below the upper and lower seam of the gauntlet.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Darts are made of metal.
  • Momentary push buttons are functional.
  • At the top of the gauntlet, just before the hose attachment, is a raised rectangle painted black.
  • A small rectangular indent is present at the forefront of the right gauntlet, just above the wrist opening and is painted black.


  • Jetpack follows the traditional Boba Fett Jetpack design of the Mitrinomon Z-6 jetpack with a raised center tank and two fuel tanks on either side of the center tank.
  • Jetpack must feature a center missile with appropriate collar, and base.  Two directional thrusters are present on either side of the jetpack.
  • A classic beacon and stabilizer are present on the flat section above the center tank.  The beacon is on the left of the missile, while the stabilizer is on the right.
  • Piano keys are present on either side of the center tank, stretching horizontally out to either side.
  • The bottom of the jetpack has a winged exhaust vent in the middle of the pack.
  • The Mandalorian version of this jetpack features a repair patch on the main center tank running upward left to right and contours directly to the jetpack’s surface.
  • Jetpack must sit securely to the wearer and must not sag or otherwise appear loose in its connection.
  • Jetpack colors follow the ROTJ Hero scheme in spirit, but is an entirely different paint job.
  • Main body of the jet pack is Royal Blue, Yellow, Burgundy, White, and Steel for the weathered sections.
  • Missile of the jetpack is an olive green, with the band below the nose cone painted dark gray.  Jetpack collar is steel in color with the ring above that painted yellow.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Missile of the jetpack features a blunt tip, unlike the sharper missiles seen in the OT.
  • Missile collar, outermost circular greeblies on the thrusters, winged exhaust vent and interior thruster circular greeblies are made of metal.
  • Jetpack beacon and stabilizer are metal.
  • Two greeblies are seen on either side of the bottom of the pack with a white plastic push button to the right of the exhaust vent, and the female half of the XLR connector on the left.

Knee Armor

  • A single, modern style knee plate is present on the right leg only.
  • The outer section of the knee armor has two metal greeblies with the top one being a tapered cone, and the bottom being a cylindrical dart launcher.
  • Knee is painted a golden yellow with a base of heavily weathered steel underneath.
  • A dent is visible on the lower inside portion of the knee plate.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Knee darts are made of metal.

Blaster Pistol

  • The base of the blaster pistol is a Sedgley Mark IV Flare gun or acceptable replica.  The extended barrel, upper barrel, and optics were added to the base flare pistol.
  • The extended lower barrel, tapers slightly back into the base flare pistol.  The second, higher barrel, runs parallel the the lower barrel, and ends in a sharp angle, just beyond the breech of the flare pistol.
  • Two brackets connect the two barrels.  One at the front, slightly pulled back from the muzzle, and another at the breech of the flare pistol.
  • At the top of the breech bracket, a small scope can be seen ending in a sharp angle right at the bracket.  While the front of the scope does not extend past middle bracket, the rear stops just before the breech of the pistol.
  • Middle of the scope features a ring greeblie, while the end closest to the user has a slight taper forward.
  • Grip of the pistol is the same of that as the Sedley flare pistol, but the front portion ends in a hard angle instead of a rounded edge, ending just in front of the middle bracket.
  • Trigger is the same as the Sedley, just with added grooves to the press.
  • Grip inlays are wood in appearance with a circular greeblie inset inside another circular greeblie towards the bottom.
  • A ring and swivel are present in indented section of the grip at the very bottom.
  • Pistol is two-toned in color with the rear section being black in color and the front being a weathered bronze.  Flecks of weathered steel are also visible, particularly at the base of the lower barrel, in front of the breech.