All colors and patterns should match the reference photos.  Fleece, flannel, spandex, and any other shiny fabrics will not be accepted unless stated otherwise.

Flight Suit:

  • The main body of the flight suit is black and is sleeveless
  • The fabric used is a matte stretch twill, scuba knit, ponte, or cotton and should be tailored to fit the wearer and not be baggy.

Neck Seal:

  • Over the flightsuit is a medium brown piece that covers from the neck seal to just below the armpits.  The front has a seam that runs the length of the front.  The seam is covered at the bottom edge just above the chest by a diamond shape.  Inside the shape is a gray piece that is split by a seam that is angled at the top and bottom and centered in the middle matching photo references.
  • The back of the dark brown neck piece is split by the blue gray ridge armor included in the corset description below
  • Acceptable materials for the neck seal are leather or leather-like material, or suede that matches the thigh chaps
  • The gray diamond shape piece should be the same gray as the gauntlets, corset, shin plates, and boot plates.


  • A gray armored underbust corset is worn over the flightsuit.
  • There are six sections to the armor on the corset.  The front center of the corset is covered in a blue gray ridge in a horizontal ribbed pattern that starts under the bust and forms a v at the belly button.
  • There are two armored pieces that start midway down the ridge and follow the “V” contour of the corset ending in joined sections at the bottom of the corset.
  • There are two armored sections at the top of the corset that run from the edge of the blue gray ridge around to the back.
  • The other two armored sections run from the outside of the gray v contoured pieces and wrap around to the blue gray ridge on the back.
  • There is a blue gray ridge on the back of the corset that runs from the shoulders in an inverted v shape and widens until about half the length of the back, matching photo references.
  • Acceptable corset materials are fabric, leather, or Sintra, Kydex, PVC, ABS, Styrene, Fiberglass, Metal, Fiberglass or resin coated paper board, Worbla is only allowed for adding additional details to armor plates as it is not strong enough on its own.  Any visible EVA foam is not allowed. EVA foam is only allowed as backing for other materials as long as it is not visible.
  • The gray corset piece should be the same gray as the gauntlet, neck seal diamond piece, and boot plates.


  • There are thigh high chaps that are dark brown matching the color of the neck seal
  • The thigh high chap angles down starting at the outside of the lower thigh and angles toward the knee to form a trapezoid knee pad.
  • The top of the chaps at the thigh, are higher on the outer thigh, and starts a rectangular shape then angles across the front of the thigh to the inner thigh, then angles down in a rectangular shape.
  • Acceptable materials for the chaps include leather, leather-like material, or suede.


  • There are short dark brown gaiters that cover from above the ankle to the top of the shin armor.
  • There are gray shin plates that start at the ankle underneath the rolled edge of the spat and rise to just below the knee and angle to the center of the inside and outside of the lower calf.

Boot Spat:

  • There are boot spats that are the same dark brown as the neck seal
  • These spats have a rolled cuff at the top.  They cover the bottom of the gaiter and shin plate.  The spat extends down over the top of the boot and has a strap on each side that secure under the boot.


  • Ankle high dark brown boots with a matching thigh chap, the same color as the neck piece
  • There are also 3 plates on the boot that are gray. These plates cover the tips of the boots, a rectangular plate that covers the top of the boot, and small rectangular heel plates.
  • High heel/stiletto boots are not acceptable.  Wedge and chunky style heels are acceptable.  Maximum allowed height for heels is 1″ or 2.54 cm.

Gloves/wraps/arm specific accessories:

  • Gloves are long black gloves that reach to above the elbow in a rounded cuff. The color and fabric should match the base fabric used on the flight suit.
  • There is a gray gauntlet on each arm that is approximately ⅔ the length of the forearm.  Centered on the top of the left gauntlet there is a cutout section approximately 1 ½ inches wide with six illuminated red buttons grouped at the near the top of the gauntlet.  Gauntlets must be made from approved armor material.


  • Westar 35 blaster with silver on the main barrel and handle and black on the raised portion of the sides.   The blaster should be weathered appropriately to match reference photos.

Wig/contacts/species specific:

  • Shoulder length blond hair pulled back in a low ponytail at the base of the neck.
  • If a wig is used, it should be of good quality and seem like real hair.  A lace front wig is recommended.

Quality of Armor/Prop Material:
All armor parts and props should have no visible construction methods including but not limited to Bondo, putty, filler, 3D print lines or sanding marks. All finished parts should have an even and smooth finish. Paint that has bled under taped off sections must be cleaned up and not left unaddressed. Only parts that are supposed to be crude within the Star Wars universe such as bone or other organic materials, cracked leather, hammered metal, severely weathered parts, etc. are exempt.

All painted parts should have an even and smooth finish. Rushed, excess paint resulting in runs, uneven, and orange-peeling paint jobs will not be accepted.

3D Prints:
The use of 3D printed parts for armor and weapons is allowed. The 3D prints must be sanded and/or filled as such so that no visible print lines remain

Acceptable Armor Material:
Fiberglassed/resined paper board
Worbla is only allowed for adding additional details to armor plates as it is not strong enough on its own.
Any visible EVA foam is not allowed. EVA foam is only allowed as backing for other materials as long as it is not visible.
If unsure, please contact an Applicant Team member for clarification.

Acceptable Armor Attachment Methods:
Screws (if visible, screw head must be filled and sanded smooth)
Leather and nylon strapping may be exposed.
Elastic strapping must be concealed EXCEPT on knees, elbows, and “Boba Thongs” where they must be color matched to flight suit.

Unacceptable Armor Attachment Methods: