In 2010, Mandalorian Mercs instituted a program that allows Official Members to strive beyond just having an approved costume by joining one of several profession-based groups called “Brigades”.  Each Brigade consists of a set of professions that require certain costume customizations to be recognized as a member of the profession and Brigade.  Brigade Requirement Lists (BRL’s) are listed for each profession within the Brigade, and official members striving for Brigade membership must apply under these requirements.

Once you are accepted as a Brigade member, you will be issues a special Brigade Armor Sigil that can be applied to your armor, which will let everyone in Mercs know you have committed yourself to a Brigade.

Brigade membership is voluntary for Official Members, and you do not have to be part of a Brigade to be an Official Member.  However, Brigade membership is ONLY open to Official Members.

Official Members can apply for Brigade membership by >>Clicking Here<<.



Vanguard Division

Countless worlds have been touched by war and conflict everyday, and from scrappy ragtag forces to massive armies, there are either those with the coin or the cause to bring the troopers of the Mandalorian Vanguard Division to their side of the battlefield. The warriors of this division are the anvil on which a battle will be shaped, and even a single member of this division can determine the outcome of a war.

267th Rapid Assault Brigade – “Remo’s Raiders”

The men and women of the 267th are a closed fist ready to strike hard and fast.  Every single of one of them has cut their teeth in battle and is hungry for more. To join the 267th is to be a member of one of the most elite fighting forces in known space.


The Demolitionist can unleash catastrophic amounts of damage on the battlefield. Whether leveling buildings or opening pathways for a strike team, if there is a problem, the Demolitionist has the solution, and that solution always involves explosions. They can use their unparalleled knowledge to bring their toolset to bear against man, machine, and defensive structures all the same, and they are an invaluable asset to the 267th.



Pilots live for the excitement of battle, but not down in the mud with the other members of the 267th. These thrill seekers thrive on  the rush of weave through an asteroid field, dog fighting a squadron of enemy fighters, and hurtling above the battlefield at breakneck speeds. Or the suspense of not knowing if that last minute weapon adjustment will save your life or get you killed.


Urban Assault

The Urban Assault troopers of the 267th are the grunts, every single one of the them a natural-born solider. They are at home in the mud and the streets alike, and the din of battle a sweet music to their ears. They work in concert with their brothers- and sisters-in-arms in the 267th to hit their targets hard and fast. Once they set their sights on a task, they rely on unrelenting force to get the job done.


Shock Infantry Brigade 

The Shock Infantry are hard-hitting warriors that can be found working as lone wolves, members of a motley crew, or serving in one of the galaxy’s mercenary companies. Some even throw in their banner with large galactic causes. No matter where they are found, one thing is for sure: they always leave their mark.


Droid Hunter

Droid hunters are specialists trained at defeating their technological foes in unorthodox ways, using their knowhow and cutting edge weapon tech to disable and destroy their targets. The droid hunter is equally at home hunting down a rogue assassin droid or cutting through the ranks of a Trade Federation battle droid army as they close in for the kill on the commander unit. Always outnumbered, these dangerous men and women use their skills as combatant and as a slicer in concert with one another, to not only destroy enemy droids, but turn those droids against their own. There isn’t a mechanical being that is safe from the droid hunter.


Heavy Assault

Those that specialize in Heavy Assault are walking tanks, heavily armed and armored. They are an intimidating sight to behold, and many of their targets quickly make the choice to lay down their arms and surrender rather than take on these behemoths of the battlefield. They lack the uniformed load out of their more “professional” military counterparts, instead favoring countless aftermarket upgrades to give them the most cutting edge defensive and offensive technology.


Heavy Weapons

Essentially acting as walking fire support, the Heavy Weapons, or more often merely called the “Heavy,” these men and women all share one common bond: a deep love for anything that unleashes a large amount of pain upon their enemy in a short period of time. The weapon of choice depends of the personal taste of the Heavy Weapons Specialist, with everything from flamethrowers, cryoban, rocket launchers, and miniguns all common favorites. No matter the chosen big gun, every Heavy Weapons Specialist holds a heartfelt affection for their personal bringer of death.


Striker Division

If the Vanguard Division is the anvil, the Striker Division is the hammer.  Whether battling from the shadows or delivering withering frontal assault, the Striker Division knows only one mode of combat:  attack!


Force Hunter Brigade

If there is one threat the Jedi fear and respect as much as the Sith, it is the Mandalorian. If there is one faction the Sith know not to trust as far as their credit accounts hold out, it is the Mandalorian. For thousands of years, and a multitude of generations, these three factions have often times been at odds. Three strengths balancing out the others’ weakness. While the Jedi and Sith have their means of dealing with the heavily armored and often militant culture of Mandalorians, these highly trained and adaptive men and women have a way of returning the favor… With the Force Hunter Brigade.

They are not prejudice who it is they track down. They don’t care if the bounty, or pleasure, is to bring the Force user down by lethal or non-lethal means…but it often ends in the former. Mandalorian Force Hunters have learned that more often than not any confrontation with individuals talented in the Force end with one or the other dead.

Force Hunters arm themselves with an array of long range weaponry, often employing explosive or flammable armaments to take the offensive. There’s no secret that the common blaster bolt is just as hazardous to the Force Hunter, if not more so, when fired at a lightsaber wielding Force user. While long range combat is the preferred method of engagement, Force Hunters study hard and train harder to best their foes in hand to hand combat, using the infamous Mandalorian crush gaunts, pikes, or daggers. Engaging Force users can often be a test to one’s abilities, because failure often resulted in the loss of limbs, or more likely, one’s head.

To combat such unfortunate events, the Force Hunter is required to wear no less than medium armor, and ensuring his neck is protected by the lightsaber resistant beskar armor, also along the arms to add into their armored gauntlets. Seasoned veterans of this Brigade can be easily recognized by their battle damage and hard won trophies, such as braids, destroyed lightsabers, or even just the crystals of the uncivilized weapons.

Becoming a Force Hunter is not an easy task, nor is it a Brigade for the weak-willed. Solid determination and indomitable heart is the base line requirement for anyone daring to square off against someone trained in the ways of the Force; Light, Dark, or otherwise in between.


Special Operations Brigade

Special Operations each have one single job and they execute it with deadly precision. Spec Ops work alone, and rely on their singular skills to get the job done. Spec Ops are stealthy, fast and impossible to pin down. You’ll never see them coming until it’s too late, and they’ve accomplished what they came for. Their kits are built for mobility in order to get where they need to be without being encumbered by unnecessary gear. They are specially designed to blend into their surrounding, whether it be the dark shadowy corridors of a compound, the dappled twilight of a palace garden, or simply one more bland figure in the crowd.


Acquisition/Infiltration Operative

Acquisition Operatives are the absolute masters of stealth. They not only have to sneak in, but acquire their target and get back out again with no one being the wiser. They are master observers and can detect any trap or snare and nimbly slip past it. They are agile, quiet, and able to think on their feet. Their kits are streamlined and sleek and they are master hackers and slicers with all the tools needed to sneak in and steal the secret plans from right under the Admiral’s nose.



Assassins are perhaps the most feared of all because they have but one target and one purpose: elimination. Nothing will turn them from their goal until the job is finished, whether the target is a petty thief or a senator. Assassins are single-minded and calculating. They are masters of calm and focus, and there is nothing that unnerves them. They do not fear walking directly into the belly of the beast and staring their target in the face.


You’ve heard stories about the ships that go missing in hyperspace. The cargo cruisers that never reach their destination. The senate ships that suddenly vanish. Well meet the Mandos behind those mysterious – and sometimes profitable – disappearances!

Privateers fly the hyperspace lanes, decked from head to toe in weapons, ready to breach any hull on any ship at any time, ready to face anyone in battle, ready to profit from any ship! Do they have a code of honor? Sure – to each other! Certainly not to that guy with the nice stack of spices in his hold…



Recon specialists are observers and analysts. With photographic memories and the ability to gather invaluable information in one scan of a room or battlefield, they are vital to any mission. Before any military units hit the ground, before the assault troops and the heavy tanks, there is Recon. It falls to these individuals to scout ahead to know where the enemy is, what they are doing, and what the conditions of the area of operations are, all without becoming known to the enemy they are watching.  As one prominent Recon specialist once noted “We have cookies and Science.”



Snipers are masters of patience and precision. They have no need to ever enter the battlefield, but instead take out their quarry with deadly accuracy from a safe distance. Their prized possession and signature piece of gear is their long-range rifle and corresponding accessories. For the Sniper, distance and any surrounding battle doesn’t matter – there is nothing but themselves, the trigger and the target.


Special Weapons Brigade 


Sometimes the most dangerous warrior is not the one who can pick up any weapon that is just lying around.  It is the one who has devoted their life to mastering one.  They are unmatched in their prowess and deadly to any one in their way.



There’s no doubt about it, when you need someone with more then enough firepower to get the job done, eliminate a few small planet systems, save the day and win all the battles and get all the credits — call in your Gunslingers! Guns here…guns there…they got you covered.


Light Melee

Light Melee are the ninjas of the combat world. You’ll never see them coming until it’s too late…preferring strategic maneuvering in battle over brute force, Light Melee specialists focus on honing their weapon skills to perfection.


Heavy Melee

Heavy Melee are the ones who don’t speak softly and carry the REALLY BIG STICKS…if you know what I mean.  You’re about Brute Force, not finesse. Big Swords, Big Polearms, double sided glaives, Big Hammers…The big stuff IS your bread and butter.



Need a marksman trained in perception and accuracy? Need someone to get in and out and get the job done, taking done multiple targets in one go? If you have the credits, the Pistoleers have the time to take on your targets!


Field Operations Division



Beast Masters Brigade

Beast Masters are a special Brigade well-versed in understanding the ways of animals, and well-prepared to face the uncharted wilds of the galaxy where the rarest and most dangerous beasts roam. They have to be tough and determined with a strong survival instinct, sharp reflexes and an insight into the mind of the beast. Beast Masters have a deep connection and respect for the natural world and the creatures within it. They are patient and fearless, unafraid of leaving the comforts of civilization to track their quarry to the ends of the galaxy. Their gear is battered but tough, etched with the scars of many encounters and decked with the trophies and mementos of successful jobs. Whether it is to heroically remove an animal threat from ravaging a town, defeat a personal goal or family challenge, generate a large profit, or employ an animal to better get the job done, Beast Masters are the men and women you can rely on!


Beast Hunter

Beast Hunters specialize in the hunt. They can track, trap or kill any beast you can think of in any environment imaginable. They may spend great lengths of time in the wilderness, far away from the safety of civilization, but they will do whatever it takes to find their quarry. They pride themselves in pitting their skills against the most fearsome beasts the galaxy has to offer.


Beast Tamer

Beast Tamers specialize in not defeating these animals, but working with them. They train and raise beasts for all manner of uses, from preparing Dewbacks and Tauntauns as beasts of burden, to training Rancors and Nexu in the beast pits as a luxury spectacle for the wealthy. While most anyone can use a trained beast, it is a rare skill to capture, breed and raise such beasts. Beast Tamers know well the meaning of patience and the importance of respecting their opponent.


Environmental Operations Brigade

Environmental Ops are a highly specialized group, perfect for venturing into places no one else will go. The Enviro crew are survivalists, through-and through. You’ll never find a tougher or more determined group. No matter how cold, how dry, or how toxic the environment, Environmental Specialists are prepared not only to survive, but to get the job done with speed and effectiveness. They are masters of the extreme and there is nowhere a quarry can hide that they won’t be found. Enviro Ops are not only adept at dealing with harsh landscapes, but also with the equally unforgiving sentients who live there. They know the local cultures and customs, and their gear is specially tailored and designed to blend right in with both the native climate and the denizens who make it their home.


Arctic Operations

Arctic Ops specialize in blending in with the ice and snow, and not only surviving but excelling in the frigid environments of the coldest planets. Their kits are specially tailored for warmth and function in temperatures so low that even technology fails.


Desert Operations

Desert Ops specialize in blending in with the dust and sand, and not only surviving but excelling in the dry, windswept heat of the desert planets. Their kits are sun-bleached and sand-blasted, wrapped tight to keep the sand from getting everywhere.


Forest Operations

Forest Ops specialize in blending in with the plants and trees, and not only surviving but excelling in the lush, heavy undergrowth and rich ecosystems of the forested planets. Their kits are mobile and well-suited for traversing heavy forests and fending off an array of native fauna.


Hostile Environments

Hostile Ops specialize in infiltrating toxic environments, and not only surviving but excelling in the corrosive, deadly conditions on hazardous planets. Their kits are reinforced and fully encased, allowing them to venture where others dare not go.


Mountain Operations

Mountain Ops specialize in blending in with the rugged mountains, and not only surviving but excelling in the unforgiving rock and thin atmosphere of mountainous planets. Their kits are built for climbing and scaling sheer cliffs and holding fast against dangerous drops while hunting their quarry.


Medical Corps

Medical Corps are a special Brigade skilled in bringing not death, but healing. Medics have nerves of durasteel and the ability to remain calm and collected under pressure. These brave men and women are vital in keeping their vode patched up while on the job or on the battlefield. Mandalorians treat each other as brothers and sister and protecting each other not only preserves valuable resources, but family members as well. It is the Medic who acts as a bulwark against the meat grinder of war and stands shoulder to shoulder with their vode, defending the wounded and bringing them to safety. It takes nothing short of a Mandalorian Medic to perform life-saving surgery, surrounded by a sea of blaster fire and the heat of combat. They may make it their duty to save lives, but never underestimate their deadliness – they know the names of all your bones and exactly how to break them. The medic symbol on their armor is a welcome sight to many, but can spell death for the unlucky.


Mobile Engineer Brigade

Mobile Engineers are the quiet, vital specialists who make everything work, whether it be equipment, or the flow of communications. Without their efforts, a squad is blind and immobile. The skill and expertise of the Mobile Engineers ensures that nothing slows down the mission, no matter what the mission may be. Their chosen tasks may not be as glorious, but it only takes one piece of misinformation or one downed ship to ruin a mission and their vigilance prevents that from happening. Knowledge and technology is power and often it is the Mobile Engineers who hold that power in their skilled hands.


Communication Specialist

Communication Specialists keep the status reports and intel up to date. They relay all of the important information needed for a successful mission. They know how to gather the raw recon data and collate it for their vode on the ground. They know how to interpret reports and wield them to maximum effect. Not only the ones controlling the flow of information, they are often brilliant strategists, directing the flow of combat.



Mechanics are the fixers and builders, the resourceful and the undeterred. With nothing but a box of scraps and the tools strung on their kit, they can bring any piece of machinery back to life. Virtually no military unit, or task team can function without at least one competent Mechanic to keep everything functioning at peak effectiveness

Canon & Legends Division



Movie quality Boba Fett and Jango Fetts. All official variants.


The Clone Wars and Rebels:

Calling all Bo Katans, Sabines, Imperial Mandos and Pre Vizlas!



Self proclaimed true descendants of the Mandalorian Warrior Culture. They idolized the violent, empire building ways of the past and dreamed of re-creating the ancient Mandalorian Empire. Open Seasons Comics version.


Mandalorian Protectors:

Also known as the Mando Cabure. They were formed by former ARC Trooper Spar, as Two Hundred Twelve of the finest Mandalorian Warriors to ever exist.


True Mandalorians:

Formed as a counter group to the Death Watch, they stressed high moral standards and strict following of the Supercommando Codex.


Legends of Mandalore:

Mandalorian warriors throughout Star Wars who don’t fall into a particular class. Characters like Mandalore the Ultimate, Jodo Kast and Hondo Karr.


Official Members can apply for Brigade membership by >>Clicking Here<<.