Din Djarin – The Mandalorian S2

All armor must be made of a solid material such as 3d print, fiberglass, styrene, sintra or Vac-formed ABS. Armor must have dimension and give the appearance of thickness and depth according to the visual references of this character.  All armor and soft parts must be weathered where indicated in visual references to give the illusion of battle wear and damage.


  • The helmet is painted with chrome paint.
  • The helmet has a raised comb running along the centre of the dome, which is approx. 4cm/1,5 inches wide. This comb ends just above the key slot box in the rear.The center part of the comb is flat, with sloping sides.
  • The helmet has a double brow above the visor. This brow does not extend past the ear caps.
  • The visor of the helmet is dark enough to obscure the wearer’s face.
  • Both ear caps are mirrored copies of each other and consist of two sections. Both sections are painted chrome, with a dark colored band running across the side of the top part. The center raised part of the ear caps (both top and bottom part) are a lighter shade of chrome.
  • The topmost edge of the cheek of the helmet is rounded almost all the way back to the earcap then angles straight down in a line parallel with the earcap toward the bottom edge of the helmet.
  • The back of the helmet has a rectangular box with 6 louvered key slots. The louvres are a lighter shade of chrome.

BRL Level Approval:

  • The helmet must be painted with a dark chrome finish.
  • A black seam is present around the raised portion of the top of the earcap, while there is no seam on the bottom ear caps.  The top and bottom of the earcap are separated by an upside down “U” shaped section.  The bottom section of the earcap has a raised section running vertically and is approximately 0.25 inches wide, then angles away from the center on the sides and bottom to the edge of the earcap.
  • The upside down “U” section of the ear caps is painted a darker color than the rest of the helmet.
  • Upper cheeks of the helmet have a matte finish.

Flight Suit

  • Must be a cotton or cotton blend one or two-piece garment colored medium gray with a brown hue, and must fit snugly to the wearer. If a two-piece suit is used it must appear as if it is one-piece.
  • Must have long sleeves with short sleeves on top of them, both made from the same material. Each short sleeve has a plain seam about an inch thick running on the bottom edge and along the front and back of the sleeve. Both the short and long sleeves have a white pattern stitched on them.
  • The flight suit has no visible pockets.
  • The flight suit has visible, white stitching on the fly.
  • The knees and inside thighs of the flightsuit have reinforcing diamond shaped patches.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Flight Suit must feature a double topstitched seam running from the front of the hips at the waist down to the legs.
  • Flight Suit must feature 5 single topstitched horizontal lines between the short sleeve and gauntlet.
  • Flight Suit must feature 3 inset rectangular single topstitches on the short sleeve
  • Flight Suit topstitching must be light grey in color.
  • Flight Suit must feature two symmetrical double topstitched diamond patches on the inner thigh extending from groin to knee.
  • Flight Suit must feature two trapezoidal diamond double topstitched patches on the pants outside the knee.
  • Flight Suit must feature single seams attaching the front and back of the shirt to the rib panels extending from under the armpit to the bottom of the garment.

Neck Seal

  • Must be made of the same material and color as the flight suit.
  • The neck seal has visible, white stitching.
  • Neck seal closes in the back.

BRL Level Approval:

  • The neck seal must close in the back right over left.
  • Neck seal contains four rows top stitching equally spaced apart. The two lower topstitched rows end perpendicular with the rear closer and follow around the front of the throat. The two upper topstitches form a triangular shape on each side of the wearer’s neck.

Flak Vest

  • Flak vest is the same color as the flight suit.
  • Made of cotton/cotton-blend plain-weave material similar to duck cloth or canvas.
  • The flak vest has black leather or leather-like straps on top which run the entire length of the shoulders.
  • The flak vest ends just above the abdominal plate.
  • Flak vest closes in the back.

BRL Level Approval: 

  • Flak vest must feature a V shaped topstitch on the front of the vest.
  • Flak Vest must feature a horizontal topstitch just above the V
  • Flack Vest must feature a horizontal topstitch where the Ab plate connects to the chest plate.


  • Light brown colored cummerbund made from cotton or cotton blend material that covers the area between the flak vest and belt.
  • The front of the cummerbund has a trapezoid flap which extends past the belt. On each side of the front section are five evenly spaced horizontal top stitches which end in the rear of the cummerbund.

BRL Level Approval: 

  • 5 top stitched seams are present on the cummerbund, 3 of which are visible between the ammo belt and bottom of flak vest.


  • Must feature a medium gray apron on the front with recessed details that appear to be pressed into the front surface.
  • Apron may be made of rubber, vinyl, leather or leather like material.
  • Sides taper into a trapezoidal shape with rounded corners.
  • The bottom of the apron has a slightly larger raised middle and two smaller outer sections divided by a zigzag depression.
  • The apron has a rounded flap which extends past the belt and cummerbund.


  • Chelsea style boots.
  • Main body of the boot is a light brown roughout leather or leather-like material.
  • The boots have a stitched grey leather patch on the inside and brown flap on the front.
  • The boots have moderate weathering with several discoloured patches.

BRL Level Approval: 

  • Boots must feature soles from the Sketchers brand “Blaine Orsen” boots OR acceptable replica.
  • Main body of the boot is a light brown roughout leather.

Chest Plate

  • The armor is two part construction consisting of a chest plate and ab plate.  The plates are painted chrome.
  • Consists of a solid chest plate.  The chest plates are raised with an integrated diamond.
  • The sides of the diamond slope towards the center. The diamond has an angled ridge separating it from the chest.  The center of the diamond has a rectangular indent.
  • The ab plate must touch the chest plate. The ab plate has a flat section in the middle, there are two sections next to the center that angle down and toward the center from the top of the ab under the fangs then ends approximately 1” away from the center section, then two smaller sections angle off the sides.  Must match photo references.
  • The fangs of the chest plate overlap the ab plate and are lower than the chest and the inside of the fang angles down and ends with the bottom approximately 1” wide.
  • All armor must attach securely to the vest.

BRL Level Approval: 

  • Chest armor and ab armor must be painted dark chrome.
  • A lip on the top of the ab plate sits under the chest plate.

Back Armor

  • The backplate is painted chrome.
  • Covers the mid and upper shoulder blade area of the back.
  • The back plate should curve to fit the wearer’s back and end above the bottom seam of the vest.
  • The plate has a trapezoid shape cutout on the bottom edge of the plate.

BRL Level Approval: 

  • Back armor must be painted dark chrome.


  • In addition to his backplate, the Mandalorian wears a charcoal grey wool or wool like cape which connects behind the chest plate and covers the area between the shoulder plates and neck.
  • The cape may have a hole in it through which a loop runs that holds the pulse blaster in place. If cape has a hole, the blaster strap must be worn.
  • The cape has a heavily distressed bottom edge.
  • The cape ends at the knee.

BRL Level Approval:

  • The cape must be made from boiled wool and charcoal grey in color.

Kidney Armor

  • Trapezoid shaped plate which attaches to the bottom of the belt.
  • The kidney plate is painted dark chrome.

Shoulder Armor

  • Both shoulder plates are mirrored copies of each other.
  • Shoulder plates must have a raised middle section approximately 1” wide and edges all the way around the edge of the shoulder plates.
  • Both shoulder plates are painted chrome.

BRL Level Approval: 

  • Shoulder armor must be painted dark chrome.
  • The Beskar shoulder armor has two small rivets that are present at the top of the raised vertical ridge on either side.
  • Armor is raised up slightly from the shoulder. There is thick padding on the inside of the plate.

Left Shin Armor

  • Brown leather or leather like armor which runs the entire circumference of the shin.
  • The top part has a medium brown double band with a small leather pouch on the outside.
  • The section below is wrinkled dark brown leather or leather like material.
  • The middle part of the shin armor has a rounded, light rust brown armored plate with a flat front and a curved top.
  • The lowest section of the shin armor is ribbed and is red-brown in color.

BRL Level Approval:

  • All components of the left shin including the pouch are made of leather. The base of the shin is medium brown leather.
  • Inside band should appear visibly lighter than the outside band and be stitched with a light colored stitching.
  • The lowest section of the shin armor is red-brown in color and features 5 quilted ribs and sits just above the ankle.

Left Knee Armor

  • Greyish blue modern style knee armor.
  • Must feature 2 identical silver cylindrical dart launchers on the outside, mounted to a rectangular housing.
  • Knee armor is secured by a black or dark brown leather or leather like strap around the back of the knee.
  • The knee armor has black elastic strapping in the back.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Darts are made of metal.
  • Strap securing the knee plate is leather.
  • A metal loop or buckle is present on the outer edge of the rear strap.
  • Knee plate is made from flexible materials (Urethane Rubber).

Right Shin Armor

  • Shoretrooper style shin armor without plastic reinforcing straps.
  • The color of the shin is dark brown with the top V-shaped knee plate painted reddish brown.
  • The shin has 2 leather or leather like straps closing the plate.
  • The upper leather or leather like strap is two parts with the base strap being medium brown in color and a second smaller strap that is red brown in color with 6 loops that hold 5 or 6 cylindrical blaster charges.
  • The second lower leather or leather like strap is dark brown in color.

BRL Level Approval:

  • The 5 blaster charges are to be made of metal.
  • The upper strap holding the charges is made of leather.  Three colors of leather are present. Dark brown base, medium brown center strip and red brown charge loops.  The empty loop is the forth loop from the left.
  • The lower strap is made of leather and closes using black velcro.

Right Thigh Plate

  • The thigh plate has 13 distinct sides, with both a top and bottom tapered section
  • The thigh plate is painted dark grey.
  • The thigh plate features a raised rectangular edge around the outside edges of the plate.
  • The plate has a raised rectangular ridge in the center and meeting up with the bottom ridge but stopping just short of the top ridge.
  • The plate has cylindrical groove recesses from the outside edge extending horizontally to the center ridge and across the bottom corner to corner extending horizontally under the center ridge.
  • The plate has two raised details horizontally from the center to the inside of the leg. The upper one is a half cylinder detail at the recessed section. The Lower one is a half cylinder outlined by two smaller half cylinders in the direct center of the recessed section.
  • The upper outside corner of the recessed section features a raised rectangle detail.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Exposed metal of the armor plate must be painted dark chrome.

Left Thigh Plate

  • Armor plate features a raised rectangular edge.
  • The plate features a raised middle section that merges with the top and bottom edge.
  • The thigh is painted with chrome.

BRL Level Approval: 

  • Left thigh must be painted dark chrome.

Hip Armor

  • Two armored plates are located on the side, below the belt.
  • The plates are painted dark blue and free from any metallic weathering.
  • Armor features two recessed grooves near the outer edges running from top to bottom.

Left Gauntlet

  • The gauntlet is painted chrome.
  • Clamshell style gauntlets without any visible closure method.
  • Must feature a silver colored keypad on the wrist with 4 rows of 5 round buttons.
  • Must feature a half recessed “whistling birds” wrist rocket on the raised section. The wrist rocket cone features 12 holes.
  • Inside and outside of the lower clamshell features two small rectangular recessed areas.
  • Back edge on both the inside and outside faces feature rectangular recesses towards the back of the gauntlet.
  • Outside face of the gauntlet topper features a protruding rectangular shape with 5 grooves.
  • Wrist of the gauntlet features a rectangular recessed area near the front edge that spans from left to right side.
  • On the underside of the lower clamshell features a series of raised and recessed square shapes running from front to back.

BRL Level Approval: 

  • Gauntlet must be painted dark chrome.
  • The center 3 buttons of the keypad are slightly larger than the outside buttons.
  • Whistling birds must be lit with a blue/white illumination.

Right Gauntlet

  • The gauntlet is painted chrome.
  • Clamshell style gauntlets without any visible closure method.
  • The raised section of the gauntlet features a heads up display in the rear.
  • There is also a small recessed tray portion on the front of the gauntlet.
  • The top of the raised section of the gauntlet features a rectangular raised detail.
  • The top right side of the gauntlet has a cylindrical silver flamethrower inside a rectangular housing. The housing features 5 grooves. The flamethrower consists of stepped cylindrical shapes.
  • On the inside of the gauntlet topper there is a large rectangular grooved shape.
  • On the underside of the lower clamshell is a recessed rectangular groove that runs from the back edge stopping just before the front edge.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Gauntlet must be painted dark chrome.
  • The heads up display in the back of the gauntlet must be a functioning screen displaying the red images consistent with what is seen on screen to match photo references.

Ammo Belt

  • The belt is made from brown leather or leather-like material.
  • The left side of the belt has 1 square pouch and 3 explosive charges in a metal colored holder.
  • Each charge has a red, rounded plastic eye in the middle.
  • The right side of the belt has 1 cylindrical pouch and 2 loops with blaster charges.
  • The belt is closed with a flat, silver buckle which has 2 screws on the front.
  • The rear of the belt has an additional 4 loops for blaster charges, 2 on each side.
  • The rear of the belt has a square metallic colored plate to which the bandoleer connects. This plate also has a leather belt loop for the pulse blaster.
  • Must feature a brown leather or leather-like holster for the sidearm.

BRL Level Approval:

  • The belt and holster is made from brown leather with a pebbled texture.
  • Explosive charge holder must be metal.
  • Explosive charges have the ability to electronically flash.
  • Belt Buckle and blaster charges are made of metal.
  • Square plate on the back of the belt for bandoleer connection must be metal.


  • The belt has an attached leather or leather like bandolier which slings across the left shoulder.
  • The bandolier has 6 loops in the middle which contain 4 blaster charges. The second loop from the top and the bottom loop are empty.
  • The bandolier has a silver square buckle on top with rounded corners that connects to the sling of the pulse blaster.
  • The bandolier features a flat pouch located on the top of the wearer’s shoulder.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Bandolier, and pouch are made from the same pebbled leather as the ammo belt.
  • Blaster charges, and rifle buckle are both made from metal.


  • The gloves are leather or leather-like material.
  • Black fingerless gloves with golden tan fingers that extend out beyond the black fingerless section.
  • Tan finger sections are more weathered than season 1, appearing yellowed brown*.

BRL Level Approval:

  • The gloves are made of leather.

Hand plates

  • The gloves have an off white armor plate with a blue triangle in the center.
  • Plates are symmetrical with eight sides. They feature angled corners and two bent sides.
  • The plates are separated into six sections with a small ridge that runs the edge of the plate.

Jetpack (Optional for both CRL and BRL Approval)

  • “Rising Phoenix” style jetpack.
  • The jetpack is painted dark chrome.
  • Must feature 2 ribbed squares on the center body. And on the sides of the center rocket are a beacon and a stabilizer. The center top of the jet pack has a louvered round section.
  • Main thrusters are mounted low under the outer cylinders.
  • Outer cylinders feature a circular recess at the bottom.
  • Must feature inset vents on the lower main body of the jet pack.
  • Must feature a winged exhaust vent in the middle of the pack.
  • Jetpack must feature two rounded rectangular attachment tabs extending from the bottom of the main body and attach to the vestwith a stud.
  • Jetpack has topical weathering giving the appearance of soot and grime.
  • If Jetpack is worn, backplate is optional.
  • If Jetpack is worn, cape must be worn off to the left of the jetpack. Cape may cover the upper countoured part of the jetpack, but not the center cylinder.

Satchel/Grogu Bag

  • The Child’s Satchel is medium grey in color and made from boiled wool.
  • Satchel strap is worn opposite the bandolier (right shoulder to left hip.
  • Satchel strap is long enough to place the bulk of the bag just below the belt and over the left hip plate.
  • Satchel strap is wider than the bandolier strap and is made from 5 panels in the front attached end to end up to the shoulder.

Blastech IB-94 Blaster (Required for both CRL and BRL Approval)

  • Based on a Bergmann 1896 pistol.
  • Features a silver conical muzzle with a black tip.
  • Body of the sidearm is gunmetal. Trigger and linear greeblie on the left side of the blaster are to be painted brass. The safety lever, and rectangular greeblie on the right side of the blaster are painted bronze in color.
  • Grips of the side arm are smooth and are made of wood or are painted to match the appearance of wood.

Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster (Optional Weapon for CRL Approval)

  • Working from the stock of the blaster to the tip of the fork, the stock must appear to be dark wood in appearance. Within the rear of the stock is a silver or metal looking butt plate.
  • The receiver of the blaster is gunmetal with the main barrel and lower rail painted black or a darker gunmetal than the receiver of the blaster. The middle rectangular part of the main barrel is painted bronze in color.
  • At the top of the receiver of the blaster is a heat vent area that exhibits discoloration fading from blue to red to yellow, barrel to stock, in that order. Tubing, also present in the receiver, should be painted brass in color.
  • Keeping the main barrel and rail together are brackets that are silver in color.
  • The forked barrel is painted bronze in appearance and should have heat discolorations with blue outlining the inside of the fork radiating red and yellow outwards.

Knife (Optional Weapon for CRL Approval)

  • The knife is located in the right shin and only the grip is visible.
  • The grip is blue and heavily distressed exposing the metal base.
  • Knife is approximately 9” (230mm) long including the blade.

Beskar Spear (Optional Weapon for CRL Approval)

  • Beskar Spear is painted in the same dark chrome as Din’s armor.
  • Spear must feature a conical shaft extension into the head with symmetrical leaf blades on either side.
  • Must feature a subtle transition section in the haft, 2/3rds of the vertical length. Transition section is denoted by three grooves spaced ~4” apart.
  • Spear is approximately 76” tall.

DarkSaber (Optional Weapon for CRL Approval)

  • The handle of the darksaber is Oval.
  • Darksaber hilt is black or gunmetal in color.
  • Darksaber has a angled rectangular cross guard positioned ¼ of the length of the hilt from the emitter, with a bent vertical section pointing in the direction of the blade.
  • Handle must feature 4 inset rounded rectangle lights above the cross guard.
  • Handle must feature raised rectangular ribs on opposite side of the guard.
  • Handle must feature circular activation button just below the bent section of the cross guard.
  • Blade must be illuminated black with a white edge and white crackles spotting the black center.

Below are variations to the base CRL/BRL for episode specific details. Most of what appears changed is weathering.
BRL level – Backplate and Jetpack are interchangeable, neither may be worn with the other.

S2 Episode 1 Variation: Post Krayt Ingestion

All of these details must be present as seen at the end of S2E1

Armor and Helmet

  • All Amor parts and Helmet feature Dripping slime weathering, light yellow/green in color.
  • Chest armor features slightly more green streaks on the bare beskar.
  • Jetpack must appear to have splattered green slime weathering.

Soft parts

  • Soft parts must all appear soaked through and darker in color than their dried state.

Episode 1 Costume Variation must include Amban Pulse Rifle and Rising Phoenix Jetpack.

S2 Episode 2 Variation 1: Desert Encounter

Must include residual slime weathering (Desert scene)

Armor and Helmet

  • All Armor and Helmet must feature DRIED light green weathering from the Krayt Dragon viscera.
  • Helmet Visor must also feature DRIED weathering.
  • Right shoulder pauldron should appear more heavily weathered and daker in color with the Mudhorn sigil a brighter chrome in color.

Jetpack Must be worn with this variation, but now devoid of slime weathering.

S2 Episode 2 Variation 2: Frost Weathering

Must include Frost weathering on all metal parts (Thighs, Chest, Helmet, shoulders, gauntlets)

Helmet and Armor

  • Helmet must feature topical frost weathering with areas of ice crystals across the left side of the T Visor and up the right side of the dome above the earcap.
  • All armor parts must feature topical frost weathering.
  • Both shoulder pauldrons must feature ice crystals across the spines of each plate.
  • Chest plate must feature crystals in the upper right corner of the pectoral plate.
  • Hip Faulds must feature white topical weathering

All soft parts must have visible white weathering implying further frost accumulation.

S2 Episode 3 Variation: Trask Clean


  • Armor plates all must appear slightly cleaner than previous episodes variations: plates have a more pure silver beskar coloring.
  • Right thigh plate must feature slightly heavier weathering, more silver beskar color popping through the painted texture on the upper edges.

This variation must include the Rising Phoenix Jet Pack.

S2 Episode 5 Variation

Must feature Shoulder bells with muted coloring. Shoulder bells are darker than the chest plates. Beskar Spear is Optional.


  • Shoulder bells must feature slightly darker coloration than the chest plates. Beskar appears smoky in color compared to a more pure silver of the chest plates.

This variation must include The Child’s Satchel. Beskar Spear may be optionally carried for end of episode appearance.

S2 Episode 6 Variation


  • Shoulders must feature darker beskar coloration compared to other variations, particularly contrasting to the lighter silver of the chest plates.
  • An additional metal plate must be attached to the belts just above the butt plate with a leather thong for holding the Amban Rifle.

Gloves must be slightly cleaner in appearance with the fingers of the gloves being more yellow in color.
If the Beskar spear is used, The back plate must be in place and Jetpack cannot be used. Amban Rifle is not allowed in this variation.

S2 Episode 7 Variation

This variation is the simplest version of Din Djarin and may not include Jet Pack, Satchel, or Amban rifle.

S2 Episode 8 Variation

Gloves must be weathered further than previous variations, fingers of the double gloves appear a golden brown in color.
Jet pack and Beskar Spear are REQUIRED for this variation
Beskar Spear must be worn off to the left side of the Jet pack
DarkSaber is optional for this variation.