All colors and patterns should match visual reference photos.  Fleece, flannel, Lycra, spandex, and any other shiny or stretchy fabrics will not be accepted unless stated otherwise.


  • Flat, lyre shaped pieces that frame the face with curls at top points that are angled backward on each side and joined together under the chin at base of throat.
  • Lyre frame is covered with royal blue fabric with a subtle printed or jacquard textured pattern (to match over dress).
  • Lyre pieces are held together under the chin by a circular brooch. The center of the brooch is a flat opal-like stone with a bronzed gold ring around the outside.
  • Flat forest green trapezoid pieces are mounted on top of the head between the lyre pieces with curved cut-outs in the middle. Pieces are covered in green moiré fabric (or painted to look like moiré). Pieces are curved slightly back at outer edges.
  • There is a bronze-red throne-shaped piece centered between the green trapezoid pieces. The center of the piece is a curved cap that rests over the top center of the head and then bends up into a round disk attached to the green trapezoid pieces.  The disk has five up-side-down teardrop-shaped opal-like stones embedded into it. A large circular disk hangs down from the cap over the center of the forehead. The forehead disk is decorated with royal purple floral filigree patterns and a round opal-like stone in the top center. The filigree pattern should match the reference. The throne shaped piece also extends to the back of the head forming a shield shape with royal purple floral filigree patterns.
  • Purple headband made of moiré fabric (or painted to look like moiré) that fits snugly to head just behind the hairline. The headband terminates on either side of the head just below the bottom of the earlobes. There is a perpendicular strip extending backward ending in a shield shape at back of head, the strip should be placed on the headband approximately 2.5 inches above the bottom of either side.
  • Six iridescent white ribbons of equal size are folded in half and attached by rivets to the lower edge of the shield shaped portion of the headband at the back of the head.
  • Two large horn-shaped earrings hang from purple cords attached to the headband. Earrings appear to be made of opal-like stone.
  • Six white trumpet-shaped lilies are woven into the hair on each side of the head in graduating sizes from small at the top to large at the bottom. Each has a center stamen.

Mainbody Dress

  • Purple undershirt made of a light-weight fabric with a slight sheen (moiré texture allowed) that matches the headband.
  • Shirt has a tall turtleneck collar and fitted, wrist-length sleeves.
  • Purple bracers that match the headdress and undershirt fabric that covers the elbow and wraps or pleats evenly from the elbow to the wrist, ending in an oval shaped pad that covers approximately half of the back of the hand.
  • Bracers may have fine light purple/magenta vine-line designs decorating the top and the portion on top of the hand. Designs may be painted or embroidered.
  • No Puff Paints allowed.

Under Dress:

  • Floor length teal-green under dress is made of a matte fabric with a two layered skirt.  The bottom layer should be a darker shade than the top layer.
  • Top layer of the dress is open in front from neck to waist.
  • Four knee-high slits are spaced evenly on the side front and side back of the dress. The bottom edge of the dress is cut to come to a point at each of the slits.
  • Bottom edge is decorated with fine, white, vine-like designs. Designs may be painted or embroidered.
  • Fitted sleeves are elbow-length, then open into petal-shaped open cuffs.
  • The tip of the petal shape should not extend past the wrist.
  • A bronze-red up-side-down teardrop, with small opal-like jewel, at inner tip decorates the inside of each sleeve at the bottom point.
  • Jewels should match opal like jewels found on headdress.
  • A pair of short black pants can be seen in the side view of the reference photo, and should be worn under the skirt, not to hang below the ankle.

Over Dress:

  • Sleeveless over dress is made of a royal blue with a subtle printed or jacquard textured pattern.
  • Dress is open down the front with a wide v-shaped neck-line. The center edges of the dress almost meet at the belt.
  • There is a free hanging, curved, triangular shawl-like piece hanging over the shoulders to the back of the dress. The bottom point of the shawl piece touches the bottom edge of the belt.
  • The skirt has a rigid or puffy structure to make a tulip shape.
  • Dress has a three paneled skirt with right front, left front, and back panels. Panels are petal shaped with rounded tips. Each panel is separate from the others.
  • Skirt panels are decorated with long, narrow petal shapes made of the same fabric as the panels, and are sewn on. Front panels have three petals each and back panel has five petals.
  • The center front petals have another lighter colored petal peeking out at the center front edge. These petals are made of a fabric patterned with a subtle printed or jacquard textured pattern and the color and pattern should match the reference.
  • Light blue under-petals are decorated with five jewels or beads along the center of the bottom edge, with a purple tassel attached to each.  Each  tassel is progressively larger as you move away from the center.  The 4th from the center on each side also has another bead followed by a brown tassel hanging from the purple tassel.


  • Dark blue or dark purple shoes with a low to medium heel.
  • Dark blue or black stockings must be worn.


  • Wide medium to dark brown color, that extends from the under the bust to the hips.
  • Belt is stiff and tight to the body without wrinkles or sagging.
  • Top and bottom edges curve outward and come to a point in the center front.
  • Top and bottom have bronze-red piping along edges.
  • Center front is decorated with a bronze-red up-side-down teardrop disk that is decorated with fine, purple floral filigree designs that should match the reference. Disk has an up-side-down teardrop shaped opal-like jewel at the bottom point.
  • Seven needle-shaped opal-like jewels are mounted on the belt around the upper edge of the disk.
  • Bronze-red piping or cording curves around the lower portion of the belt starting even with the top of the tear drop shaped jewel and should go all the way around.


  • A Deactivator hold-out pistol is required
  • Blaster has brown pommel grip and trigger. Top of blaster is curved and silver in color and should match the reference.

Wig/contacts/species specific:

  • Short hair (does not touch shoulders) that is slicked back and hangs in loose locks at the back of the head.
  • No bangs.
  • Natural hair colors only.  Must be a Blond hair color to match references.
  • If a wig is used, it must be high quality and have the appearance of real hair.