All colors and patterns should match visual reference photos. Fleece, flannel, Lycra, spandex, and any other shiny or stretchy fabrics will not be accepted unless stated otherwise.


  • Silver headdress should be made of stiff material.
  • Headress should rest at forehead level and encircle the wearer’s head. It has a wider part in the center of the front band that has a angled square bottom. A purple jewel is in the center of this area surrounded by a design that should match reference photos. The band widens again at the temples and curves upwards towards and around the ears. The back of the band comes to a compact hexagon shape with two mirrored designs on each side that should match reference photos.
  • Nine geometric wing-like shapes protrude from the band three from each side directly behind the ears, each is a translucent material framed with stiff silver material and stick straight outwards. Three wing-like shapes are positioned on the back of the head and are at an angle.


  • Material for dress has low-sheen or matte appearance.  No shiny material is acceptable
  • The dress should be form fitting and seams of the skirt should be at the center of the front and back
  • The front bodice is constructed of 2 different materials. The center front and back material is lighter teal green that matches the skirt of the dress and has top-stitching forming an elongated hexagon design on the stomach. The side material is darker blue green.  The back design has a trapezoid on top and then a strip of fabric that extends down the back to the skirt
  • Long sleeves are composed of the darker material and extend down into a slight bell shape. A design made from the skirt material is on the top of the forearms and terminates a few inches before the cuff of the sleeve. It does not wrap entirely around the sleeve.  Sleeve seams should be underneath the arm
  • The collar extends from the center broach and is made of a stiff material in a geometric design. The back of the collar ends at the edges of a light fabric panel
  • The skirt is higher on the hips and lower on the back and center. The material is a small geometric print featuring elongated hexagons connected with intricate lines. The design is not raised and should be printed or painted onto the fabric with a paint that does not sit noticeably above the fabric.
  • Puff paint is not acceptable


  • Blue, ankle high boots with moderate heel (2″-3″ or 5-7cm)

Wig/contacts/species specific:

  • Hair should be styled back with curls pinned above the headdress in the back without visible clips.  There is a loose lock of hair that falls to the left of the forehead.  Blond hair required.
  • If a wig is used, it should be of good quality and seem like real hair

Character specific accessories:

  • Earrings are small black studs with 1 ½” to 2” of black string or chain hanging down, attached to a stiff, flat, silver, geometric design that is ¼” thick. Each has a small linear design etched into it that matches the reference photos
  • Necklace is a grey/silver stacked choker that is closed at the back
  • Neck broach should be constructed of the same material as the headress with an identical purple jewel in the center that matches the reference material
  • There are oval jewels on each hip with purple jewels and background designs that match the neck broach and headdress jewel.