All colors and patterns should match visual  reference photos.  Fleece, flannel, Lycra, spandex, and any other shiny or stretchy fabrics will not be accepted unless stated otherwise.

– Dusty rose jacket made of medium to heavyweight chenille, jacquard or brocade fabric with a fine pattern or texture. Top part of jacket is gathered under the bust. The front jacket should be open and long going to the knees.

– Jacket is lined in dark green jacquard or brocade. Lining fabric should have a paisley, cashmere, or similar pattern.

– Jacket has an upturned collar of dark rose fabric measuring 2” (5 cm) at the nape of the neck and tapering down, ending just under the bust. Dark rose trim roughly .75” (2 cm) wide also goes around the outside edge of the lower part the jacket.

– On the back, the jacket forms a downward V with an opening that rises up to half the thigh, slightly above the knees at the mid-back. No back or side seems. It is fitted down to natural waist then flairs out in a modified A-line. Bottom front corners of the jacket are curved.

– Lightweight pale dusty rose fabric is used for the sleeves. Sleeves are puffed on the upper arm and gather midway to the elbow. There may be small pleats at the elbow. Sleeves are fitted on the lower part of the arm.

– Sleeves end in wide dusty rose cuffs. Cuffs are stiff and curve around the arm, shorter under the arm and longer on top. Cuffs are decorated with thick metallic orange/bronze cord or wire bracelets that end in green oval gems under the wrist.

Undershirt :
– Under the jacket is a bright yellow-green, sweetheart neckline, created from two petal pieces joined with a seam at the center. Pale dusty rose fabric is used for the triangle shaped piece that connects at the bust line, under the jacket, and ending bellow the belly button.

*This may be a full undershirt or a dickie snapped into the front of the jacket.

– Belt buckle is a flat gold disk approximately 2.5” (6.5 cm) across.

– The buckle is decorated with green gems the same color as the jacket lining. There is one large circular gem approximately 1” (2.5 cm) across, and six smaller teardrop shaped gems extending under it like sun rays. The teardrop gems decrease in size from the center outwards.

– There is a thick metallic orange or bronze cord or wire just under the seam of the jacket that ends under the central buckle. The cord/wire turns down at a right angle under the bust, then turns horizontal again. The cord/wire curve turns upward again at the sides of the jacket and sits just below the waist line at the back of the jacket. The same cord/wire and color should be used for the cuffs and belt.

– The belt is placed on the center, fitted part of the jacket roughly at the waist. The jacket fastening must not be visible, but hidden under the buckle.

– Gloves are fitted and made by dark grey-purple or dusty eggplant colored fabric or suede. Gloves should match pants.

– Pants are made of medium to heavy-weight stretch fabric (suede suggested) in a dark gray-purple or dusty eggplant color. Pants should be a darker color than the boots.

– Knee-high boots made of medium to dark gray suede or non-shiny leather.

– Boots should have a low (1”-2” or 2.5 cm – 5 cm) heel that is light brown or beige in color.

– A reverse flap folds down at the knees over the top of the boot, in the same pale dusty pink color as the sleeves. Flap should be approximately 2.5” (6.5 cm) wide. There is a V-shaped cut-out on the flap at the front center with curved corners.

– Hair is styled back with curls on the nape and without visible clips. The forehead is framed by two curled locks of hair. Natural hair colors only, blond hair recommended.

*If a wig is used, it should be should be of a good quality and seem like real hair.

– Earrings are made of a large rounded triangle shaped gems in bright green (the same color as the gems on the belt and cuffs) with five dark red petals/points coming out of the lower half of the teardrop.