Mando Mercs Official Forums

With countless hours of information that chronicles the construction of Mandalorian costumes and props, Mando Mercs official forums are the most in depth collection of Mandalorian costumes and prop resources on the internet.

Click here to register on our MANDO MERCS official forums and find an armor party in your area.

In-Person Educational Events

For sixteen years, Mando Mercs Costume Club has been the source of education for those interested in learning how to build “Mandalorian” costumes and props. Through local programs and events called “Armor Parties”, experienced members teach interested members of the public and membership recruits how to build our costumes and props.

Verd'ika Corps

Our children’s program focuses on three primary “challenges.”  Crafting, charity, and community. Through the Verd’ika Corp, children learn about more than just building a costume, but also how they are used to build a better community and world.

Mando Mercs Builders Group

Since 2019 Mando Mercs has maintained the “Mando Mercs Builders Group” program on a social media platform for individuals to learn the skills and techniques required to create a “Mandalorian Merc” costume and accessories.

The MMCC education pamphlet provides a downloadable version of the educational information that can be printed and handed out at your events. Download your own copy here

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