Registration Agreement

Please remember that this is a 'PG' forum and should always be treated as a 'family friendly' space both in attitude and action. Please be friendly to your peers and refrain from cursing, adult jokes, etc. We cater to children as well as adults, and we expect everyone to be on their best behavior.


Welcome to the Mandalorian Mercs; please find below a copy of the forum rules.

1. General
  • Have fun - This is the number one rule.
  • Ask questions - The only silly questions are those not asked.
  • Searching - Use the search functionality. Many things have been asked before so try searching before asking
  • Be mature - This is defined as not creating drama, trolling or harassment of other members.
  • Be respectful - No bashing of other members, clubs, organizations or related websites/communities.

2. Content
  • Illegal Content - This content will not be tolerated. This includes substance use/abuse, piracy or sexual material.
  • Adult Content - This is a PG-13 board and all posts should be kept family-friendly.
  • Religion/Politics - These topics tend to lead to arguments so are to be avoided. Religious expression through signatures/avatars is permitted as long as it doesn't cause disruption on the forum.
  • Real World Weaponry - Please refrain from discussing real world weaponry and armor. This is a costume club only.

3. Posting
  • Legible Posts - Please refrain from the use of 'l33t' speak or posting in all CAPS. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation is highly appreciated and likely to get you better responses.
  • Meaningful Posts - Ensure thread topics and posts are meaningful, this is more likely to generate meaningful responses from other members. Threads with ambiguous titles will be altered for clarity.
  • Double Posts - Please refrain from posting immediately after yourself, also known as 'double posting'.
    If no one has replied use the "modify" button to update your post.
    WIP threads and other similar threads that have new content being added are exempt from this rule, provided the posts have useful new posts being added.
    In such exemptions, replies to multiple questions when attempting to catch up should still be combined into single posts.
    Moderators will exercise their best judgement, if you feel an error was made please contact the Moderator Lead and Tech Officer via PM.
  • Spamming - Spam posts will be removed.
  • Necroposting - This is defined as replying/updating a topic that has been inactive for more than 30 days. This is only permitted when the post is relevant. Inquiries should be directed via PM instead.
  • Keep on topic - If moving off topic move it to a new thread, or private messages. Keep the original thread on topic.
  • Placeholder threads - Refrain from making 'reserved' threads and posts. Please wait until you have progressed enough to create a post about it.
  • Be constructive - Be constructive with your forum posts. We are all here to help each other learn and grow. If you cannot provide feedback in a constructive and positive way then refrain from replying.
  • Criticism - Be prepared to receive constructive criticism on your work and/or ideas. This is intended to help you learn and grow and create the best costume you can.

4. Accounts
  • Forum Accounts - Only one forum account is permitted per user. Investigations that find multiple accounts controlled by a single user may result in them being banned completely.

5. Offsite Links
  • Recruitment - Recruiting for other clubs, organizations or websites is not permitted. Links to external sites are permitted in signatures, but the content of those sites must comply with these rules.
  • Soliciting - No soliciting of sales or donations outside of the trading station are permitted unless approved by the Quartermaster and the Tech Officer.

    - Solicitations for sales, items, commissions, or donations outside of the Trading station will be removed.
    - You may open yourself for commissions in your Fan Art Threads.
    - This rule applies to forum signatures as well.

  • Petitioning - The petitioning for signatures of any kind is not permitted on the boards or Mercs affiliated social media profiles. This could be seen as both political speech and as recruitment for outside causes or organizations. Please find another avenue to collect support.

6. Languages
  • Common Language - Please note that in general areas on the board the primary language spoken is English. The exception is of course your local regional/clan boards.
  • Mando'a - Please include translations for any Mando'a text you include in your posts. Many of our members are unable to read Mando'a and this would put them at a disadvantage.

7. Signatures
  • Links in your signature to sales threads in the trading station are permitted as long as they are tasteful and not distracting to the regular forum experience.
    a) Absolutely no offsite links to Etsy or other vendor websites. Sales are to be carried out in the Trading Station. See Trading Station rules here.
    b) Facebook pages are allowed provided they are not strictly a platform for offsite sales. For clarification, contact both the Tech Officer and Quartermaster.
    c) Personal websites are allowed, provided they are not strictly a platform for offsite sales.  For clarification, contact both the Tech Officer and Quartermaster.
  • Signature images must not exceed 200px in total combined height. This is to ensure the forum is fast to load and navigate. Signatures in violation may be removed immediately and the user will be notified. Signature images in violation of any of our forum rules, or signatures that prove distracting on the forum, will also be subject to removal.

 - All rules are not limited to the examples given and other situations may also apply.
 - The purpose of the Mandalorian Mercs forum is to assist members of our community build Mandalorian costumes. Whilst we appreciate the community at large, we reserve the right to give precedence to our members with full costumes.
 - These rules are applicable to our personal message system if a member is reported to the staff and evidence is presented.


The Tech Officer has final word on all matter that occur on these boards. Please use the 'Report' feature to notify our admins/moderators if you witness or happen upon a post or personal message that falls out of compliance with these rules. For more serious matters including, but not limited to, severe harassment, illegal practices (such as recasting) or other matters which go beyond the scope of these simple forum rules, please contact our Alor (Currently Ohl'd Vart) to request an investigation into the matter. The staff are here to serve and protect you. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to make your time with us more enjoyable.

The Tech Officer reserves the right to modify, remove, or add to the above listed rules at any time. You are required to stay up to date with the rules as they exist.

Failure to follow any of the above listed rules will result in, at minimum, an official warning to the member, and at maximum a temporary ban for a period of no longer than 48 hours. Subsequent violations will result in further disciplinary action to be decided upon by the Tech Officer, and may involve the Alor and Mandalorian Mercs Council if necessary for Official Members committing rule violations.

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