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Title: Boba Fett boots scratch build
Post by: Russiya on Dec 30, 2015, 01:05 AM
Hey there Vod I have been making many updates in the past few months and have finally decided to tackle the one that I have definetly dreaded getting to but with my next child being born within the next few weeks i may not get the time to make these for months afterwards . I am completely scratch building these from leather the old fashioned way this is day one . I searched the web threw every nook and cranny and found all reference photos possible to The fett boots I then drafted a template and began to cut out all of my parts (forgot to take photos of all these things) I then threw together some piping for all of the trim. Since i am not making a cannon boba I made 3/8 piping instead of what seemed to be 1/4" piping on the prop version. I then pulled out a last (a wooden mold of a foot) and pinned everything together just check and see how It looks together . Tomarrow I will see a majority of the pices and lining together and build up my last closer to the shape of Boba's boot .(note the white will not stay white but is much easier to air brush gray then black or brown ) ( (
Title: Re: Boba Fett boots scratch build
Post by: Kavryn Falco on Dec 30, 2015, 10:36 AM
This should be fun. Definitely watching to see where this one goes!