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Title: Help with RC control/bluetooth
Post by: MrBojengals on Feb 03, 2016, 08:21 PM
Hey guys! i am fairly new to the whole wiring electronics into my helmet ive checked out a couple threads but cant see to find the answers im looking for but i want to hook up my helmet fan/LEDS/voice amp etc to remote controlled switches on my bracers can someone please explain to me what i need to buy to do this and how i would need to wire them? as i understand id need some kind of transmitter and some kind of receiver? but i dont know where i can buy these components or what i can frankenstein these out of? basically i want to flip switches on my gauntlet and control stuff on my kit with out running wires please help and post links as to where i can find WIPs.. also i plan on building my phone into my bracers so bluetooth is also an option or if there are apps out there that i could use for something like this
Title: Re: Help with RC control/bluetooth
Post by: Jorbe Falco on Feb 10, 2016, 06:47 PM
So you could easily do this with a Raspberry Pi with a Bluetooth module a relay, and a cell phone with Bluetooth built into your gauntlet. I'm thinking about doing this to control the light on the side of my bucket. As for controlling it with switches on your gauntlet, a modified garage door opener would probably do the trick... although I would have to research a cheap receiver thats compatible with multiple relays.