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Title: APPLICATIONS CLOSED 9/17/16-10/17/16
Post by: Gnar-Gnar on Aug 08, 2016, 12:43 AM
Good news, our awesome app team is continuing to improve our app system to make apps faster and more efficient for everyone!

This will cause a temporary shut down of the application process from 9/17  to  10/17 . Please be sure to take this into account for your builds that are getting close to application time. During this time, we will still be doing local clan pre-app to help ensure you are ready for application. As always, feel free to contact me for questions regarding your build.

see below for the official announcement.

"Due to the extraordinary growth of the club recently, the app team is going to shut down for four weeks from September 17th through October 17th while they reconfigure the team and change the way applications are reviewed, processed and approved.

During the hiatus, no applications will be accepted and Ulrik Kanteer wil be holding weekly addresses to different groups of membership to detail their roles and responsibilities under the new format. The app team apologizes in advance for the delay this may cause to anyone wanting to apply for official membership during this period; but this brief pause is necessary to ensure applications will be processed more quickly and accurately moving forward."