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Title: And so it begins... A soft parts WIP
Post by: kingRex on Apr 30, 2017, 09:04 PM
So after literal years of more or less silently looking through the forums and formulating ideas I've decided that the planning stage of my kit must come to an end. So without further ado I present my soft parts WIP


As you can see I have the flight suit, boots, girth belt and at least the start of an ammo belt and utility pouch at the moment. I plan on adding at least one additional ammo pouch to the belt along with various and sundry trophies, I'll also be looking at adding a kama. All that along with the flak vest and a pair of spats means there's plenty more soft parts to come but I wanted to put what I have out for critique.

One question I have is about the "under sleeve". In the photo I was just wearing a black long sleeved t shirt under the short sleeved coveralls. I have a pair of long sleeves, from an older pair of coveralls that no longer fit me, but they are a gray color. My question is do the long and short sleeve colors have to match or would black over gray be acceptable? I'm leaning towards a similar gray color for my vest as well as for a pair of Boba style spats I'll be making if that matters.

Anyway, that's all for now. Criticism is expected, constructive criticism is welcome.