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Title: Boot Wrap Spats
Post by: The Bearded Mando on Jun 21, 2017, 04:57 PM
Had a request as to how I did my boot wraps, figured it was easier to create a W.I.P. for it.

I bought a sheet at Goodwill for a few buck. Tore it into strips about 2-3 inches wide. Put them in a bucket with a couple pots of coffee, and waited a couple days. I took them out and laid them in my backyard to dry. Left them out for another 2-3 days.

You wrap the spat area with regular duct tape, sticky side out. 2 layers should give you the stiffness you need, I did 1 layer going horizontal. then another layer vertical. Ensure that you boots are laced tight. Start in the middle of the boot, around the arch of your foot. Make sure that you tape area is smaller than your actual spat. you want the fabric to extend past the tape. I tucked my sweatpants into the boots so that I wouldn't accidentally remove any leg hair.
Take the first strip and begin wrapping it around the middle of your foot. make sure that you cover the tape completely, leaving about 1/2" overhang. When one strip ends, just overlay a new strip by about 1" or so, and continue wrapping. When you get to the top, tear the excess off. The overhang at the top can be tucked into the top of the spat and anchored with a bit of glue.
[img ][/img]
Now you cut the spat. Carefully cut down the middle of the lace area (don't cut your laces). Cut until you can remove the spat from the boot, I had to cut mine all the way down.
I used E-6000 to glue the loose edges creating a seam.
If you are up to it you can install a zipper at this point. I went with a flap of additional material, and secured the spat with Velcro.
Place velcro where needed to secure your armor. I outlined my armor area with painters tape to ensure that i got the velcro in the right place.
Add any additional weathering with your armor in place, it gives it a more lived in look.