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Title: Drifter's Mirta Gev
Post by: Drifter on Oct 05, 2017, 07:41 PM
Mirta starts with very basic gray armor in Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines and repaints it six books later to saffron or egg-yolk yellow in Legacy of the Force: Revelation.

I'll be using mostly direct references from the Legacy of the Force books along with these three images:

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Title: Re: Drifter's Mirta Gev
Post by: Drifter on Oct 05, 2017, 08:21 PM
To start, I came up with the following list:

Soft Parts--
Flightsuit: Ability to push sleeves up to elbows.
Vest: Same Color as Flightsuit.
Boots: Flat. Utilitarian.
Gloves: Either black fingerless or gray full finger depending on armor color.
Cape: Brown and yellow.

When she first meets Fett in LotF: Bloodlines, she's only wearing basic chest and back plates. By LotF: Sacrifice she has a full set, including a jetpack. By full set, I assume mostly standard light armor like Boba's with a few exceptions based on the images.
Chest: Standard except for a soft/fabric wrapped ab. Also take note of flatter shape across top and longer diamond.
Back: Standard single plate
Shoulders: Standard. Scalloped padding underneath.
Cod: Standard female-style
Knees: Standard. No reference to knee darts.
Gauntlets: Contain vibroblade, datapad, rappel line, and flamethrower.
Helmet: Fett-style.

Blastech 515 with detachable grenade launcher: No images available. Since Blastech is the same company who made the Republic Commando DC-17 with interchangeable pieces, I assume they look similar.
Smaller blaster based on Sal Solo image.
Jetpack: No reference beyond that she has one.

Other Notes--
Heart of Fire Necklace: Flat, gold opalescent stone with a carved rope edge. Worn on a strip of leather.
Brown leather belt: A pouch on either side of the buckle. Holster on right side.