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Title: Helmet help?
Post by: Shortrooper on Feb 24, 2018, 07:11 PM
Hello there! As some of you may know, I'm new to the forums and overall new to making mandalorian armour. I found a website online and was wondering if I should make this as I am new to all of this. Would this be a good starter helmet?
Title: Re: Helmet help?
Post by: Talren Adira on Feb 27, 2018, 01:24 AM
In all honesty the answer is probably no for an Official kit. While I have certainly seen people make passable helmets using paper or cardboard bases They usually use fiberglass or Resin to cover and make the helmet, well, a helmet. I honestly would think that the spackling paste used in this tutorial would be too flimsy to hold up under repeated use (or one good drop).I have seen spackling used as a filler (though it tends to chip and flake easily).   That being said using the base ideas for cardboard and using either fiberglass or resin to harden would certainly be not only approvable if done well, but will hold up to the kind of abuse we tend to put our kits through. I know we have had at least one member go the Fiberglass method.. and I believe someone else made their bucket out of, ahem, a literal bucket.  So there are still a lot of options out there, they might take a little more time and effort but the payoff is well worth it.

That being said if just stretching your building muscles, by all means it seems like a fun project to give you a feel for what shape and size a helmet you can make :)

Title: Re: Helmet help?
Post by: Rogue22 on Feb 28, 2018, 11:02 PM
You may want to skip zerocoolpropshop. Check out this thread where much more knowledgeable Mandos than I discuss the issues with this bucket and the last comment says he isn't mmcc approved...

If you are thinking of buying a helmet here is the list of mmcc approved vendors...

Good luck.
Title: Re: Helmet help?
Post by: Ciryc Ca'tra on Feb 28, 2018, 11:02 PM
This is where i ordered my Night Owl bucket and it's great! Sometimes he'll put his stuff on sale so keep an eye out ;D
Title: Re: Helmet help?
Post by: GardenGeek on Mar 01, 2018, 01:31 PM
I made my helmet with a hard hat and a 5 gallon bucket. Itís definitely do able. I did get help with the light fibreglass layer inside, but other than that- it was my first build 🙂 if you look up wizard of flight templates, you can download the PDFs and get started 🙂 there are a lot of tutorials here on the boards.
Title: Re: Helmet help?
Post by: The Red Mandalorian on Mar 12, 2018, 10:34 PM
I removed my comment, did not know there was issues with that vendor.