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Title: : Finding and Adding Details to your Kit - Greeblies
Post by: Havelock on May 23, 2018, 09:36 PM
Finding and Adding Details to Your Kit
Lead Author: Tusken Dan (;u=39637)
Edited by MMCC Education Team

Where did you find that?  Isn't it fun when you find just the right greeblie and use it in just the right place to make something new?  The SW universe is full of it. So where do you find all the cool trinkets and how do you incorporate them into your design?  Here are a few tips and pictures to help. 

Finding and collecting.
You have to be a bit like a crow.  If you see a shiny bit, add it to your details collection.  Allow yourself only a couple areas to toss stuff into to be used as detail parts. There's a fine line between greeblie acquisitions, and greeblie hording.  Find them at work, old car parts, electronics during disassembly after they die, hardware stores, plumbing supply, most everywhere.   

Red= Nerf pieces, Blue=Work parts,Green=coffee pot break down

These are a couple of Dan's greeblie drawers to pull from as needed. 

Is it paintable?

A big test for possible greeblies is the fingernail test.  If the plastic is soft enough to dig your fingernail in, it most likely won't take paint well. You should pass on it.  Also, if it'ss really flexible, you might put on a wash or dirty it up, but most likely you won't be able to paint it easily. 

Mix it up

It's really important when you're adding details to avoid using multiple pieces from the same source, otherwise, as a group they become more readily identifiable.
This is an example of a mixture.  Red=Ford truck part, Blue= work parts, Green= sprinkler parts. 

All the copper pipe parts were found at a plumbing supply store.  Random allen head bolts - available just about anywhere that sells hardware - and other hardware bits; then just lots of paint and distress. 

Dan's helmet ear pieces are a center cap from old race car wheels, random electric parts, some round drain vents new and  even a squeeze top. 


Possibly the most important thing about using greeblies is how you attach them.  Ca glue and E6000 work well, but epoxy, epoxy putty, Apoxies Sculpt and milliput are other common solutions. Sculpy, A&B Putty, and Milliput are all similar and can be smoothed with a wet finger as to reduce the sanding needed, dry super strong, take paint well, and fill gaps perfectly.

You can see it in use here, and on the buttons later on.

And on the other side using strip plastic and putty  to attach it.  Notice the CD player parts?
Similar to this...clone wars comm.

It is even strong enough to stand on its own. 
Dan repaired his helmet with it.  The red is all sanded putty, the blue is sprinkler parts and pvc. 

Plastic alone

Don't discount also just strips of ABS or hole punched plastic as greeblies.  Sometimes you just need a small amount of texture or edge to dry brush and break up an area.  This works great for that.  You can see below that he continued the rounded theme with some punched out plastic.


In summary

Greeblies - detail pieces - are all around you.  They're in the radio you were about to throw away, that vacuum cleaner by the curb, the plumbing or electrical sections at your local hardware store, and also available at your local second hand/consignment stores.   The trick is in keeping a manageable collection on hand, and then getting that collection out and being creative when it's time to take your kit to that next level of detail.   Be sure to mix it up!

--MMCC Education Team--