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Title: : Armor Across the Eras
Post by: Naran Baatar on Jul 15, 2018, 08:06 AM
Tutorial Video: Armor Across the Eras
Lead Authors: Naran Baatar (;u=31163), Maia Ocharon (;u=33609)
Edited by: MMCC Education Team

The following video will give you a basic primer on four different build eras, as well as some tips and tricks to make sure that your build can meet the standards of the club. As always, work with your clan's Ruus'alors and the Application Team when building anything, with the goal of approval by the MMCC.
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Video Script
In this video, we will go over the basics of armor builds in each of the four eras available for custom armor creation in the MMCC and discuss the challenges inherent in each. Hopefully, these basic tips will go a long way to helping you minimize common problems with your build and may even inspire you to try your hand at a build in a different era than you have done before. This is Armor Across the Eras.

There are a few things to keep in mind when building an Early Crusader kit.
• First of all, nothing from any other era can be used with an Early Crusader kit, which means that you cannot use similar plate shapes, weapons, helmets or anything else that would fit in a different era. This prohibition even extends to things like pouches.
• Organic, Organic, Organic, is the name of the game with an Early Crusader kit. That does NOT mean everything has to be bone, but everything needs to look roughly handmade, so, for example, hammered metal instead of machine shaped, leather instead of nylon.
• “Natural” colors are encouraged for EC kits, meaning earth tones like greens, browns, cream, beige, tan, and gray are commonly used. Bright colors may be used as accent colors, but should be minimal, and EC kits should avoid using neon colors or black in large quantity.

For the Crusader era, also sometimes called the Late Crusader era, once again nothing from future eras can be used. Some key hallmarks of this era are:
• 3-Dimensional plates. This era is a standout in that its plates aren’t as “flat” as modern era plates, but have more complexity and use more trauma plating.
• No Chest Diamonds. This goes back to the nothing-from-a-future-era point. Chest diamonds do not appear until the Modern era, so this goes for Early Crusader kits as well.
• Rugged Technology. The weapons and gear of this era have a rugged, bulky look. Clean, streamlined designs have not yet come into fashion in this era and visible tubing and extra plating are common both on armor and weapons.

The Neo-Crusader era is the most restrictive of the build eras. Kits are limited to the colors seen in the Legends examples of Neo-Crusaders, and once again nothing from a future era can be used with a neo-crusader kit.
• Neo-Crusader kits use head coverings, and the cowl can be semi-flexible, but the dome and face of the helmet still need to be made of hard material.
• Colors are limited to red, yellow, gold, silver, and blue.

The Modern era is the most common build era and the one that most people are drawn to. This era is also unique in the fact that it has two sub-sections: Mandalorian Pilot and Legacy armor
• Spacing is the most common issue with modern armor. Always remember the rule of thumb—plates should sit with about a thumb-width gap between them—and it is extremely important that the spacing be consistent across all of the armor.
• Legacy armor, by contrast, cannot have any gaps between collar, chest diamond, and ab plates; plates abut one another or overlap.
• Lastly, regarding the Pilot: always make sure to use thigh pockets; they can be easy to forget about.

There is always more to learn about these eras, but I hope that these introductory tips and images have given you a basic understanding of the four eras for custom kits in the MMCC. As always, consult the CRLs, App Team, and your clan’s Ruus’alor as you go about your build. Good luck!