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Title: Jet pack/Jump Pack/ Repulsor Pack
Post by: LusjoOrdo on Feb 27, 2019, 01:39 AM
Alright Vods. This one has my head spinning so I figured I'd throw this out there.

I am looking to make a Sniper at some point but was told that Jet Packs are out for Snipers for Brigade approval. So that had me seek out what Repulsor and Jump Packs look like. That's where my problems began.

When you look up Repulsor Packs, for whatever reason they show a picture of the Dark Trooper from Battlefront. Meanwhile when you look up the Dark Trooper it states they are using Jump Packs and further states they are forms of Jet Packs. Also when used in the game, they emitted a sound similar to a Jet Pack and Repulsor Packs are stated to be quiet. So that eliminates it being a Repulsor or a reference of what a Repulsor Pack looks like. When you look into the description of Repulsor Packs it states they are similar in design to Jet Packs. Which means I guess they can look the same.

When you look into Jump Packs, it directs you to the newer Battlefront games version of Aerial Troops. Their description states they are types of "Jet Packs" that allow you to jump short distances. Yet they look like small air conditioners on the wearers back. Which doesn't make them seem practical for a Sniper. They are large and cumbersome, and less maneuverable than a normal Jet Pack making them less advantageous. Their only use I have determined is that they may have been cost efficient to mass produce for large scale armies. That being said, when you actually play Battlefront, the Aerial troops equipped with the Jump Packs have abilities like "Improved Jetpack"  and "Jetpack Burst". Which leads me to believe they are in fact Jetpacks or types of Jetpacks.

This basically brings me to a question of sorts. Am I permitted to take an Arena style Jetpack and say it uses Repulsor tech or is a Jump Pack? I have seen other threads here where an individual labeled his Jetpack a Repulsor Pack, yet it was just another Arena style Jetpack. To further the point, since Battlefront seems to be the most prevalent source for all these technologies, the Clone Aerial troopers in the game are using Arena style Jetpacks but they function like the other faction's jump packs.

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Title: Re: Jet pack/Jump Pack/ Repulsor Pack
Post by: OriKad on Feb 27, 2019, 02:41 AM
I could be wrong, so take this with a grain of salt.  Going by the general aesthetics of the brigade from the BRL, a jump pack or repulsor pack is likely meant to be a smaller or streamlined model, compared to the basic big and bulky jetpack.  Think Rebels, or Commander Cody.
Title: Re: Jet pack/Jump Pack/ Repulsor Pack
Post by: LusjoOrdo on Feb 27, 2019, 03:22 AM
Right but the actual canon examples of jump jacks are big and bulky and not streamlined. Which makes them not practical for snipers. Which belabors the point. Would canon examples, ie Battlefront, supersede thoughts and guesses to their looks? Especially since there are previously approved builds as jet packs labled repulsor or jump.

And again, jump packs are labled as types of Jet Packs in the end. Which could be why Clone troopers had Arena style Jet packs with Jump tech to make them cost efficient.
Title: Re: Jet pack/Jump Pack/ Repulsor Pack
Post by: Havelock on Feb 27, 2019, 03:51 PM
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