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Title: Asyer soft parts wip
Post by: Asyer on Jul 18, 2019, 04:22 AM
Ok, so finally made it to the fabric store and purchased duck cloth for my vest, spats, and kama.
First thing my wife says to me, "are you going to make me sew all this for you?" 🤨
"Nope." I said. "Just need your help with fitting it."
Shes happier about that. But I've been getting strange looks from her a lot recently as i build my kit. Now, I'm not that great with a sewing maching, but knowing i was going to be having foot surgery, and out of work for a few weeks, i needed to get things rolling.
So without further ado,  heres the beginning of my soft parts wip starting with my vest.
I started with a formal wear vest as a pattern, and added about an inch all around the edges. I just traced the back of the vest over folded material. (Made 2 identical halves) i thin made the front neck swoop bigger to accommodate my head going through.
Seamed the neck and arms for each piece then sewed them both together at the shoulders and right side. The left side will be left open for a reverse zipper covered with a flap just in case.
The should bells (for lack of the proper term) were made from half ovals sewn in next. They stuck out like little wings which didn't look good, so i folded the front and back under the vest about an inch. Ironed it flat and sewed a line from the bottom edge underneath up anout 2 inches. This is to help keep the folds underneath while still allowing the fabric to move upward so i retain full motion. Will add more pics of these later.
I know its long in the picture,  but i didn't want to hem the length untill i had my plates fitted perfectly and knew the final length. Should be able to do that at my next armor party.
Lots more to come so stay tuned!
As always comments and critiques are always welcome.

** added question:
Is this an approved method of securing spats? It appears to be either elastic cord or shoe lace.
Title: Re: Asyer soft parts wip
Post by: Asyer on Aug 10, 2019, 01:16 AM
Sorry it's been some time, but i have been busy. I got my girth belt and kama done.
And attached to my vest.
Spats are finished.
And redid my holster to ease access to it.
Still have more things to do, but armor painting should be starting tomorrow.  Stay tuned with this and the rest of my wip's in my signature.