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Title: XXL Girth Belt
Post by: Awall on Jan 13, 2020, 08:25 AM
I'm a big guy (6'2"  275lbs) and I knew a standard girth belt wouldn't cut it for my size.  So I built mine with macrame cord from Hobby Lobby, old belt buckles from Goodwill and some left over cape fabric. I chose to use my sewing machine to connect cords together rather than weaving.  I purposely built the belt X tall as I did want a level of control around my stomach.  at least 1/3 of the belt will be hidden up under my vest and I do have 2 belts (ammo and gun) that will also cover.  I ran hot glue lines from top to bottom on the backside of the belt to give it some nonslip properties and ensure it wouldn't roll.  Weathered with a spray bottle of a mixture of black shoe polish and water, then followed by spray paint while still wet.