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Title: Sarad Soft Parts WIP
Post by: Halcyon on Feb 07, 2020, 02:00 AM
Oya. My name is Sarah and I am working on my Mando, Sarad. I decided to start my WIP thread so I can hold myself accountable when it comes to working on my kit and getting it done.
I am a college student with a budget of approximately half a shoestring on a good day, so I'm going to be taking this project nice and slow in order to do it right. I'll be starting with my soft parts first to make sure they fit right, since at 5'3" and a small build I'm a bit of a mand'ika. I figure it's better to start with those, and then start figuring out my armor and bucket.

My concept can be seen  here (

In terms of progress to kick this shindig off, I found this old shirt that I might use for the long sleeves of the flight suit so I might not have to buy a second pair of scrub pants. It will also help add a bit more color-breaking to have black sleeves with a pewter flight suit, and match my vest since I am planning on making it out of black duck cloth.
I know different colors are allowed for the long sleeves, are slightly different materials? This one feels similar to scrubs and isn't shiny or patterned, but it's definitely not the same material and fits a lot tighter than scrubs ever would, almost like an exercise shirt. Also, please pardon the wrinkles, it fits a lot better when I'm not laying it out on the carpet.

Title: Re: Sarad Soft Parts WIP
Post by: Halcyon on Feb 07, 2020, 05:53 PM
I hope this doesn't count as double-posting. I was just cleaning my room and found these boots I inherited that would be perfect. No zippers, no heels, no laces and I know from experience they're easy to wear. Plus, they're pre-weathered! So as far as I can tell, that's two items down, and quite a few more to go.


UPDATE: I just went to Walmart and picked up a pair of scrubs, the bottoms are far too large but I am hoping to seam them to fit better. I will focus on making sure the flight suit fits, then starting on the vest, then I will decide on what pockets need to be removed. The scrubs are the exact color I was hoping for for my flightsuit.

Title: Re: Sarad Soft Parts WIP
Post by: Veris Bralor on Feb 08, 2020, 12:53 AM
Nice boots!
Ya just focus on getting those scrubs to fit well and your off to a good start. Yes the long sleeves can be different color and material as long as the over all look is coherent.
Title: Re: Sarad Soft Parts WIP
Post by: Halcyon on Feb 08, 2020, 12:59 AM
Thank you very much! I have one leg roughly basted, and it seems that I can alter the legs without compromising the waist. I'll also be tailoring the shirt since the bottom is slightly wider.
Title: Re: Sarad Soft Parts WIP
Post by: Halcyon on Feb 14, 2020, 07:32 PM
I have a quieter weekend and a less hectic week coming up, so I decided to get some progress in on tailoring my flight suit. I have one leg basted so far and the different is Obvious. I am going to baste the other and then sew in the new seams. I let a friend borrow my sewing machine and ALL of my straight pins, so I'm just going to go ahead and hem them by hand following the baste. Once I get the legs to the right size, I'll tailor the hems so the bottom isn't sagging on top of boot. Please excuse the funny fins, I've been ripping out the pockets but not wanting to fully commit to cutting seams yet.


Title: Re: Sarad Soft Parts WIP
Post by: Halcyon on Feb 23, 2020, 12:16 AM
No new photos but I do have some updates:

One leg is finished seaming, will be working on getting the other one to match and then working on the shirt. Going to have to reinforce it a bit, and try to strike a balance between being comfortable to move in and not too tight.

I confirmed with my friends that we will be having a craft night in two weeks, so I am hoping to be able to go buy the supplies for my vest and start work on it then, because that will be next on the list after my flight suit. It'll be nice to work with them because I lent one of them my sewing machine and I need it back. Backstitching a whole leg by hand is no fun.

I need to figure out what I would like to do for the cape portion, but that can wait until the rest of the armor comes together. Currently debating between a flowing cape down the back like The Mandalorian's, or a shorter side one like Boba Fett.

Does anyone have any opinions/suggestions/advice on what to go for? I am planning on having a back plate no matter what, so hiding a lack of one isn't an issue.
Title: Re: Sarad Soft Parts WIP
Post by: GardenGeek on Mar 10, 2020, 12:58 AM
You’ve got a great start! Yes, do be careful with double posting in the future, but I see there’s been time passed between your updates.   Making a mando doesn’t have to be a huge investment, my first one was largely thrifted, and I made my helmet myself with a dremel as my only tool. My sintra for my armour came from a sign shop’s offcuts.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people about what you’re doing, you’d be surprised at how much people will want to help, or even join you 🙂
Title: Re: Sarad Soft Parts WIP
Post by: Halcyon on Mar 10, 2020, 01:32 PM
Thank you very much for the encouragement! I hope my kit can turn out as well as yours did, I am looking at your WIP threads now for inspiration on construction.
Title: Re: Sarad Soft Parts WIP
Post by: GardenGeek on Mar 10, 2020, 10:10 PM
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! Im always around and happy to help in anyway I can.