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Title: Din Djarin Armor Connections Questions
Post by: BearCubsTeacher on Feb 17, 2020, 10:16 AM
I'm working on my own beskar armor kit, and am wondering about some issues as regards some of the pieces, specifically on their connection to each other or the rest of the costume.

How should the hip and butt plates connect? They seem to have a "recessed" ledge at the top of them, to allow the belt to settle down onto them, but I've seen pictures (when Din was prone atop the sand dune) where the butt plate wasn't engaged in the belt (wardrobe malfunction maybe?). So, I'm wondering if those three plates have the recess ledge at the top to engage into a belt (via Velcro maybe?) or if the belt just rests on that ledge at times and the ledge isn't there to provide connection to the belt? If they are suppose to be locked onto the belt, I'll make sure to device an invisible method for them to do so.

The "gap" between the ab plate and the chest armor piece seems to vary at times in the show. Does this indicate that the abdominal plate should be allowed to move separately from the chest plate, or are the two items statically locked together?