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Title: hello from Chicago- 1st Kit WIP
Post by: Phillypete1998 on Feb 17, 2020, 10:06 PM
Hello, Vode! My name is Pete and I live on the North Side of Chicago. I'm currently making my first kit under guidance from Sarlel from the Cin'Ciri Verda Clan. My Mandalorian's name is Ad'Rum Phyll.  Below are pics from my WIP thus far.

from Mando Maker:

template sizing:
( (I was told the chest templates may be a little large. I'll probably have a better idea after the vest comes in)
( (I'm going to trim down the shoulder bell)

Helmet thus far (modifying a Rubies Boba). I know the CRLs changed but it was unclear whether this helmet was banned totally or just for use as a Boba helmet.  I removed the t visor and removed the range finder. I bondo'd the dents and dings, as well as the slot for the range finder. I also fiber glassed and plasti-dipped the inside of the helmet. I'm beginning priming today.

Regarding soft parts, I picked up a color-matched dickies pant and top which I will have altered to snug up for a flight suit. My flak vest is being made according to the templates posted in the forum. I purchased a mohair girth belt that was in one of the Warmaster's videos and will be dying it this week.

I'm always looking for advice since I'm a first timer at this. Again, I'm located in Chicago and I'm building basi
Title: Re: hello from Chicago- 1st Kit WIP
Post by: Avelin Kel on Feb 18, 2020, 02:18 PM
Off to a great start! Love your concept art. Very nice color combo.

Looking at the CRLs, it does look like the Rubies 1 piece helmets are banned now for use. It looks like the Target one and the Black Series one is still okay to modify and use.

It is difficult to tell from the picture but if you bring your chest pieces in a little bit (the gap seems a little large) and if you rotate the tops inward slightly toward the diamond so that the gap between the chest plate at the top and bottom of the diamond is even, you make get a better fit.

Totally a picky thing, I believe it is allowed either way ( I am sure an app team member will correct me if not), but the thigh plates are actually supposed to go on opposite sides. If you look at pics of Jango, the scoop is on the outer edge of the plates (even though to me it makes sense for it to be facing towards like cod plate like you have it).

I look forward to seeing more progress!  :like: