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Title: Mercs 'Dxun Wraithguard - Avader Dia Mundial Enfermedades Raras' Event Report
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Single Day - Invasion


Event location: SS DE LOS REYES, MAD, SPA
Date: February 29, 2020
Clan(s) Involved: Dxun Wraithguard Clan
Mission Objective: Charity  and fundraising in favor of rare diseases
Event Report: The association AVADER (Association of Neighbors and Friends for the Defense of those affected by Rare Diseases) celebrated World Rare Disease Day on February 29 for being a “rare” day that only exists every four years.

With the help of the clan, the 501st spanish garrison, Rebel Legion, Astromech Spain and along with other associations, funds were raised for the scholarships of AVADER families. These scholarships want to help pay for the treatments related to the disease and the orthoprosthetic material that the patients needs.
The clan participation consisted of putting several photocall and a blast a trooper so that, together with the association's staff, donations are collected.

Holorecords & Additional Information (

Original Report by: Ferin Kri'gerit