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Title: Naasade's Helmet
Post by: Naasade on May 29, 2020, 08:14 PM
So, I purchased the exact helmet I wanted (A NME Stalker) from an MMCC member.  And have gotten to work modifying it to my purpose.

This includes a little weathering on the paintjob.

I'm finishing up the replacement right earcap.

Added a little battle damage too.

Next, I will need to make sure the light on the left earcap works.  After that will be visor and headband installation.  I've also ordered some helmet fans as well.

Update 7/14/2020

So I've been trying to make good use of my time.

Headband installed (and that was a headache!), along with a microphone  and helmet fans.

Here's the current look.  Coming together very well, IMHO.