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Title: MMCC Hawker's Guild creation announcement
Post by: Kensnaps on Sep 13, 2020, 08:04 PM
MMCC is proud to announce the creation of the "Hawker's Guild" organization for MMCC community vendors.


What is the "Hawker's Guild"?

Hawker's Guild is an MMCC community establishment created to empower the vendors within our community by giving them a collective voice that helps steer MMCC's vendor community.  The guild also provides a way for vendors to be recognized for not only providing top-quality products, top-notch business practices within the MMCC community, and a mentoring system for vendors who who wish to share their knowledge within the guild.

Lastly, the guild provides a voice for the vendor community at the top levels of MMCC by giving them a seat on the International Advisory Committee.

Vendors interested in joining the guild must meet the following criteria:

ONE of the following:

An applicant MUST also be:

Vendors interested in this great opportunity should fill out and submit the guild MEMBERSHIP FORM (;n=40)