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Title: The 'Fallen' Mando - concept
Post by: Korabas on Dec 22, 2020, 01:52 PM
Hey all! I've just joined the forum and just started thinking about concepts for a first kit. I'm not hugely experienced - i've built some cosplay using eva foam before - but i'm keen to give it a go!

I've been a huge SW fans for a long time and really enjoyed Mando on D+. I'm not quite up to date on TCW and Rebels though, so i've some catching up to do. Outside of SW I love SF and fantasy generally and am an avid gamer. One of my obsessions is the Destiny game series, and when thinking about possibly making a Mando kit I just can't get away from the desire to include some elements from that (within the rules of the CRLs, I know that themed/crossover kits are a no go). I am thinking about taking inspiration for colours and Mando armour style from an aspect of the game, but what?

And then it hit me... there's a race in the Destiny series called the Fallen who have a history very similar to that of the Mandalorians themselves. They once had a prosperous, powerful society but were decimated by a catastrophe. They ended up fighting the 'Guardians' in the game (literally, space wizards - very Jedi like) but were defeated. They were corrupted by darkness and ultimately betrayed by it. And finally, they splintered into several different factions or 'houses' that all want slightly different things, some of whom cling to their historical traditions, others who constantly resist the ruling powers (Guardians in game, but read jedi/republic/empire) and one faction that has now allied itself with the 'good guys'.
Their in-fighting has led them down a dark road but they are now at the point where some factions are seeking a re-unification, forging new alliances and seeking to reclaim their once-great culture.

It reminds me of the Mandos in many ways, and so feels like a fitting inspiration. Anyway, enough rambling. Here is some Fallen concept art from Destiny 2 that shows where I am taking inspiration from:


And here is my Mando concept, mocked yo using Mando Creator:


I am aiming for a Modern (light) kit, taking inspiration from the colours and armour styles of the Fallen. Notable alterations to the standard 'Boba' light kit would be shin armour, thigh armour and a heavier shoulder bell style pauldron, more like the post Imp style. I suppose, if I added boot armour this would probably be more like a Medium (Jango) kit.

I would probably aim to the do the shins and knees as 'shnees' all in one, as I feel that might be easier to manage at a con, using gaiters underneath to support them.
I would also use the Fallen insignia from the loin cloth on my loin cloth, as a nod to my inspiration source, but might re-design it in an Aurabesh style (less curves, more angles) so it is more in keeping.

What do you all think?
Title: Re: The 'Fallen' Mando - concept
Post by: vershnekit on Dec 23, 2020, 10:08 AM
Love the color scheme!
Title: Re: The 'Fallen' Mando - concept
Post by: Korabas on Dec 23, 2020, 11:19 AM
Cheers dude! Gonna need to go paint shopping after Xmas...
Title: Re: The 'Fallen' Mando - concept
Post by: Matchstick1021 on Dec 23, 2020, 12:34 PM
Really good design, I think this pays respect to the original idea without straying into “crossover” territory.

My only concern would be using the the symbol straight from the game. However since you plan to redesign it to a more Star Wars aesthetic you’ll probably be fine. Just keep your local Ruus’alors in the loop!

Title: Re: The 'Fallen' Mando - concept
Post by: Korabas on Dec 23, 2020, 03:01 PM
Will do! And thank you, it's great that you think this looks do-able without being too crossover-ey. I'll be careful with any logo shenanigans!