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Title: MWC-35c "Staccato Lightning" repeating cannon for a heavy mando
Post by: RandomCosplay on Dec 27, 2020, 12:26 PM
I am building a heavy infantry mando at the moment.
Will use Paz Vizslas armor as a base, but i am thinking of using Baze Malbus' blaster instead. It would be attached to the back in a similar way, but to the mando backpack instead of the Baze Malbus one
Any thoughts on this?

I would have to make the files for 3d printing the blaster anyway, as none of the ones available (that i have found) have proper mounts for a gun carriage and none of them have electronics. I just want some lights and a solenoid for the right feeling :-)

And since i want to make a Baze cosplay in the future i thought i would save some work...