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Title: Rhasvuul Teg soft bits beginning
Post by: EricL on Jan 04, 2021, 10:30 PM
Hey gang!

I am digging around for the soft parts accessories, and have a few ideas so far. Also first time using imgur and posting with those links, hope it works.
First of all here is my overall Color-a-Mando concept :

Old work gloves, heavily weathered?
Or these long nomex-style flight gloves
Or these short style, can cover logo crap with an armor plate
Knuckles, hate them but I love the color and material arrangement

My concerns with gloves generally are them being either too long and uncomfortable, or too short and showing my wrist. I like that my old work gloves are free but they look a little too crappy maybe? I like the knuckles one visually very much but wish it didn't have knuckles, anyone have an idea to work around that? Otherwise so far I have ordered flightsuit scrubs and will learn to sew by taking them in. No other soft parts progress to date.

*I previewed this post and the images look HUGE, sorry! I don't know what to do about that.