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Title: WIP - Rue’s First Build - The Armorer (The Mandalorian Season 1)
Post by: Rue on Feb 20, 2021, 12:32 AM
I’ve never done a merc before and I may have bitten off more than I bargained for.

That being said, I bought several elements for my kit before I found the Mercs Club. I’m hoping you’ll help me out and tell if I can mod some of these items or if I need to start from scratch.

Pieces I have so far:

3D printed unfinished helmet (way too big)
Resin chest and back plates - needs a little trimming at the shoulders - painted, needs detailing
Resin shoulders - painted, just needs detailing
Resin toe covers - these are too big and look like a safety hazard-  painted, needs detailing
3D printed hammer - sold to me as a “finished” product (we have very different concepts of the word “finished”)
Sheepskin for cloak

I have patterns for but have not made:
Neck cover
Boot covers and straps
Belt gribbles

I need a pattern for the balaclava

I do intend on adding fans, but have not done any research on that yet.

So how’s my planning so far?

I’m aiming for a completion date of May 21, 2021. Emily Swallow (the actress who played The Armorer) will be at a con near me that weekend. If it’s not cancelled because of the ever mutating virus!