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Title: Privateer/Gunslinger Legacy build
Post by: Vain Velid on Apr 17, 2021, 10:17 PM
:jango: Hello there! :jango:

After what seems like an eternity, I'm finally making a WIP thread for my new kit build to replace my snow kit. Life's been a real rollercoaster ride the last few years since, beyond Covid royally messing up the world last year. I mostly have a plan for everything I want for this kit finally, and in the next month or two should have it finally done and ready for review. Certainly excited to get kitted up again :D

As the title says, my main inspiration for this build has been going with the whole privateer theme, and certainly a goal to go for that brigade when the build reaches that point. I plan on using this first post as a sort of check list for myself and others reading to kind of track progress and when I get parts crossed off the list.

To Do List
Colors and Weathering: I decided to go a sort of 501st clone path of color inspiration with Mando twists. Mainly have white and royal blue with gold and some black as accent colors to break up the first two. Weathering I'm going for more grime than dirt on the armor, but will still look lived in and decently filthy.
Helmet: NME Stalker, fully painted and weathered with a blue mirrored visor.
Flight Suit: Royal blue Dickies coveralls, fits great and waiting to be weathered.
Flak Vest: Had a number of issues trying to make my own vest, so finally decided to stop letting it kill my build motivation and order one from a vender on the forums here. Will also be royal blue to match the suit.
Waist Items: Doing a sash and kama, along with a pretty standard pouch belt over the sash. Waiting on the new vest before I do any serious work on those two soft parts.
Torso Armor: I have the barebones of this designed and roughly shaped, but again need the vest to finish it off so I can get the other bits for it formed and attached.
Gauntlets: I was originally going to go with the Legacy style clamshells from AprilStorm, but with what I'm doing with gloves it just barely doesn't fit. Instead, I have a fun custom design both will follow. Gear ideas for both is a more techy coms unit on the right, with a similar in design Super Battle droid wrist blaster mounted on the left.
Cod Plate: Waiting on waist items being done before tackling this piece so I can have correct coverage.
Leg Armor: This time around I'm going to do shnee plates, as standalone knee plates on my previous kit was already a pain. I have some nice fitting boots that pair really well with some half chaps to mount the shnees to.
Gear: Probably the most fun I'll have with this build. I'm going for privateer first, but yes I do plan on going for a dual in gunslinger after that first goal. Most of this gear will be after getting the kit approved for use though.
For blasters: A Verpine rifle, custom built and I have a solid amount of references to look at for what design I would like to go for. For gunslinger, I have a start of a custom build for blasters kind of a kin to Star Lords from Guardians of the Galaxy, with similar hip holsters for em to hide under my kama.
For blades: Going to have a small variety of styles here, not planning on having it all be on me at once either, but I'll elaborate on a later time as it's fairly low priority on the to do list.

:jango: Well, with the wordy part out of the way, lets get to the pics of the progress I do have since posting this first part of the build :jango:

I wanted to have some fun flair with my helmet, and this was a design I ultimately decided on doing. Took quite a while to do and measure out so it was as big as I wanted it. Painting it up was an absolute nightmare... ???

I was very happy with how painting turned out on this, despite taping off everything was painfully time consuming....

How I weathered my helmet, just a simple black wash on it. The blue was darker than expected for this part so really had to cake it on so you could actually tell its filthy. After I got the mirrored visor in it, I just love how it looks. Beyond pumped to get a jump on the rest of the kit with this bucket staring me down.

This is the general design I went with for my torso rig. I took Bobas backplate template and did some tweaks and changes, as it was the same template I used to make my previous backplate so I knew the sizing was spot on. The torso plate itself I went and took my Modern plates and more or less combined the coverage of the collar plate and chest plates, minus the chest sorta dagger bits on it. I have both bridged together and formed mostly well enough, and plan on having ARC Trooper esk shoulder paldrons on to help cover those ugly bits. Currently I'm reworking the chest plates design a bit than what I wanted to do before, as well as doing something new for the layered abs. It'll be easier to finish up when I get my new vest and finally pound that out.

While looking for ideas for shoulders, I came across this variant to shoulder paldrons when I was looking for alternatives. I got the usual ones I see most use off Etsy in a kit, but me being a bit of a smol guy at 5'6", they looked waaay too big on me for test fitting. After finding this, I was able to deduce what they did to make this version, and plan on giving it a shot when my torso rig is more ready to go.
Title: Re: Privateer/Gunslinger Legacy build
Post by: Rhue_Shofytt on Apr 18, 2021, 12:41 AM
That paintjob is so awesome  :o
Title: Re: Privateer/Gunslinger Legacy build
Post by: Vain Velid on Apr 18, 2021, 01:41 AM
That paintjob is so awesome  :o

Thanks! I was really happy with how it turned out. I really enjoyed adding in the gold, I was unsure at first.