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Title: TURBO 's 3d printed armor Delimia
Post by: TurboTeaBagger on Apr 23, 2021, 09:36 AM
main questions,
any good vids on how to solve these?

gallery (

so  my 1 peice breast plate is 12 inches across and i have a 54 inch chest,
it barely fits nipple to nipple,
 i have searched for pics to judge where it should be going past and looking at dins it seems a tad small,   

 its style is closer to paz style, and his looks like it encirles his torso preety much,  so way smaller than that,

my printer ct replicas said ,  cut ,resin ,car puty , esay as opening a cocacola can,    which no, i am not doing thatt to a one peice.

 but i figured  i could add 2 inches to the sides preety easy , by making a  bottom blast plate,  that
hangs  2 extra inches, on the sides, and an inch top and bottom....

what you think of that?

the real problem is the helmet it is way to small,  the mandibels toch my cheeks and my nose crushes the area i would put the visor in,
so again ct replicas said
cut  in half ,resin ,car puty , esay as opening a cocacola can,
  thats crazy i paid for a helmet to be sized to me and no questions except hat band size (24)

im kinda smart with math so i figered out the problem whenr the mandibles come in  the hat band saize there is 23.75  we all know no where can the helmet be smaller than the hat band  if you are to slip it on.    let alone fit my glasses on,
so i guess im going to cut it in half at the rear or front of  ear covers  and  gule in a 2 inch sintra band overlaping the insides 1/2 inch   with a second  1 inch band  in the middle to ease putty and resin.     question,,   would you recomed cuting infront or back of the ear cover, ?  do you think this would work, any other susestions,  i figured if the hat band is now to big i just make it snug with foam .
Title: Re: TURBO 's 3d printed armor Delimia
Post by: Arco'thyel Wyshla on Apr 23, 2021, 04:12 PM
Aw man, that's my big fear about 3D prints -- it must be frustrating when you 3D print it yourself, but even more so when you buy the print! I'd love to hear how others have worked with sizing issues like this. Hopefully these prints can work out, they look great.
Title: Re: TURBO 's 3d printed armor Delimia
Post by: BuckV on Apr 30, 2021, 02:37 PM
I like the helmet, I've made one myself using models I created, good to see more heavy ear covert helmets!