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Title: Antosz helmet project (WOF template)
Post by: Antosz Mychar on Apr 27, 2021, 02:49 PM
I'd been sitting around, not building my helmet for a while and I had a bit more free time the last two weeks so I figured I would get started.  I'd already cut all the parts from cardstock but the assembly of all the curves was fairly intimidating.  My anxieties were confirmed when I struggled to wrap the facing parts of the pattern around the "disc" parts of the pattern that eventually get removed but are necessary to build the proper shape.  My measurements must have been off when I printed because nothing fit right.  Still, I struggled, folded, and even cut my way into forcing the paper where I wanted it.

Here's the result.


I'm not worried about the sizeable gap in the front since that can A) be filled with another strip of cardstock, B) hide underneath the Din Djarin-style mohawk/ridge I'm planning to add, and C) potentially be necessary to fit my giant head.  I'm just surprised that's how far off the sizing was in my prints.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.  I'd have taken more pictures of the build process, but there's plenty other threads on here that already do that and got a cleaner result.

Next steps: strengthening, sealing, and sanding.  I've heard fiberglass resin is usually used on cardstock or cardboard armor; is it also used for helmets?  Or is it not a great choice because of the toxicity?  I know that's mostly in the fumes from the wet part of the process, but does the smell, and the danger, linger?
What's the best way to transform this into a durable, wearable buy'ce?
Title: Re: Antosz helmet project (WOF template)
Post by: Or'sir Naymiit'e on Apr 27, 2021, 09:50 PM
Oya vod! First of all, don't be disappointed if your paper build doesn't work out the first time through. I don't even know how many times I had to rebuild mine. Second of all, I used fiberglass resin for the inside of my buy'ce, and I'm still alive ;D The smell goes away after a while (either that, or I've just gone noseblind), but it is pretty strong at first. If you're looking for a good, sturdy buy'ce built out of paper, then definitely go with fiberglass and bondo.
Title: Re: Antosz helmet project (WOF template)
Post by: Bowfanny on May 08, 2021, 03:43 AM
Iíve made plenty of helmets this way, and used fiberglass resin to do so. If you have casting resin on hand though you could fiberglass resin the outside in sections until it is done and then use the casting resin on the inside to seal the inside. Fiberglass resin is usually a polyester resin and casting resin is usually a urethane resin.