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Title: Charity Effort: Bounties for Cicadas
Post by: vershnekit on May 25, 2021, 07:39 AM
Hi Vod, my friend Mike was diagnosed with Leukemia three days ago and was admitted to the hospital to determine and start treatment. He will be in the hospital for at least a month but possibly longer depending on his diagnosis.

I was speaking with him yesterday and he expressed sadness that he wouldn't be able to see the 17 year Cicadas emerging. His only request to me was if I could get him some pictures. Sadly I don't live in an area that is expected to see them this year. I'd love to send him some positive videos or pictures of OM out bounty hunting for Cicadas. Could you help me?

When: I would like to send him these uplifting materials by June 7th. I realize that is only two weeks away and will happily take any extra after as well.

Where (to send): Please send them as PM to my account, otherwise you can PM me and I will give you my personal email so I can forward everything to him.

This seems fitting when putting out Bounties on Cicadas to help fight Leukemia: Haatyc or'arue jate'shya ori'sol aru'ike nuhaatyc

Thank you Vod