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Title: Seeking Assistance
Post by: on Aug 03, 2021, 07:18 PM
I'm new to the forum, and was referred by a friend in NJ. I am competing in an online scavenger hunt for charity, called GISH. We, as teams, are given a multitude of tasks to complete. One of which, this year, includes a need for a mandalorian. I do not have a constume, but I am seeking assistance from someone with one. I live in Winter Haven, FL and would be happy to meet up to accomplish this, or if you are too far away, a photo is all that is needed to complete the item. The item is as follows:

A Mandalorian providing directions as a crossing guard. This is the Way.

If anyone would be willing to assist me complete this photo, I would be very appreciative. Its for charity and GISH is a good cause.

For more info on GISH:

GISH is ran by Random Acts, which is a NON-PROFIT charity organization. Their link and info is:

Thank you! My email is
Title: Re: Seeking Assistance
Post by: Darasuum Prudii on Aug 04, 2021, 02:17 PM
Unfortunately this is something members would not be able to participate in. It appears after some research that itís not a non-profit charity, meaning they have a bird of directors and people make money of this. 100% of what is made isnít given back to a charitable cause. Because of this alone is why we, members of the MMCC, can not participate in it.